Random Thoughts

June 2, 2016

I haven’t used this section for some time now. I’m wondering if I should delete this page and continue to focus on the main blog?


This is space for random thoughts, like morning pages, just put down what is going on in the mind. What do you need to pick up at the grocery store? Did I turn off the light in the bathroom before I left the house? Why are we here? What is your purpose? Ask a question about the writing process, what gets you into the creative mood. Anything, I invite you to share your thoughts on creativity and your creativity journey.

I’ll start; Today I started a new short story that now has grown to about ten pages of possibles. This happens to me more often and I wonder if I will ever just finish one story at a time?

December 8th, 2014 – wow where does the time go? I find myself thinking this more often in the past few years. I’m afraid that I’ll never finish this memoir, but deep down I know I will. I need to motivate myself and give myself a deadline and honor it. I have to take my job as a writer more seriously, another theme that has shown itself quite often, more like every day since I can remember. So why am I procrastinating?

August 20, 2015 – Geez, time flies by! I’m in a space where I’m just feeling a bit stuck in a rut and ready to run at the same time. I had to take some time off work due to pink eye and a corneal ulcer in left eye from wearing my contacts too much. It’s been a journey of healing and patience, I can’t make my eyes get better faster, I need to be patient and let the body heal on it’s own good time.

I’m going on vacation in three days and I’m not ready. I have three days of work left and I want to tie up any lose ends before I leave. I’m staring the suit case wondering what the hell I’m going to pack.

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