K is for Knowing

In the hotel life there is a sense of knowing your guests, but there is also a sense of knowing you are meant to be in this crazy hotel world by some grand scheme the universe has in store for you. I’m still not sure how much I am able to share of my hotel life, but I’m willing to give it a shot, just like I’m as eager to sit here and write and share the stories that have been whispered to me.

When I was younger I had this deep sense of knowing that I was to be of service. I was always helping my mother (not only because she told me to), and when I visited my grandparents I wanted to help them in the kitchen, bake pies with my grandmother because I loved watching people enjoy the delicious blueberry pies she seemed to know how to make from memory. She seemed to be joyful when she was serving others, she felt purposeful and wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of. I too wanted to make people smile when I helped them. When I told stories I would get a similar sense of enjoyment from family and I was as delighted as my Grandmother Berry with her baking pies.

When I first started as a busser in the Canadian Rockies I was trained on what to do; pour water when the guests sat down, bring the buns and butter after the server took their drink order, bus the table when the guests were finished their appetizer, entrée and dessert, tell the server if the guest told me they wanted more wine, or whatever else they needed to have an exceptional dining experience. Then clean and reset the table for the next guests to repeat the same service. Yet there was more to it, I knew what I had to do to make the servers happy to make the guests happy. There were many levels of guest service and I was part of the experience. There was a dance that I had to learn with the servers and once I understood the steps I was rewarded with a bigger tip and a fast track to becoming a server in one of the most Luxury Hotel & Resorts dining rooms. But more on that later.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

D is for Diving

Diving deeper into your passions can be scary but so exciting and rewarding all at the same time.

When I was younger taking swimming lessons, the Original Canadian Red Cross Water Safety classes with different colored badges, yellow for beginner all the way to white for water sport safety. I loved getting the Water Safety Programme Personal Report Card, well until my instructor said I needed to work on my diving before I could advance to the next level.

Standing on the spring board when you are eight or nine with an instructor telling you to keep the board still is hard. Trying to focus on your hands being over your head to prepare to jump and dive into the water and then thinking how you don’t want the water to go up your nose all at the same time while your mother and everyone else’s parent is watching. Keeping the spring board still while I jump is the last thing on my mind.

Eventually I learned howto dive without the spring board moving and I could quickly dive into the water without a sound. I would practice after swim class and any chance I could get to the pool. I was determined to get my next swim badge and I didn’t want to be scared of what people thought if I didn’t dive perfectly. The swim lessons taught me that practice does help you get better at whatever you are working on.

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. ~ Stephen King

Much like learning how to dive, I use the same determination to focus on my writing. The more I write the more I get a little better with each word that is set on the page.

Until next time, keep on typing….


B is for Badass

I am really good at motivating people, sharing inspirational quotes, sitting next to friends and like the cheerleader I never was and chant You Can Do It!! to whatever their passion may be. Mostly it’s within my writing community as I need a cheerleader as the next person and if I have like-minded people around that helps all of us. We’re writing for a reason and I love to encourage and support everyone to the page.

The way I get inspired. I read a lot of self-help books on personal growth and well-being. The latest book that I am re-reading is You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Have you read it? I highly recommend this very down to earth and to the point 27 bite-sized chapters that will have you shaking your head in ‘yes, I know’s’ and big A-Ha moments. I have laughed out loud and also shut the book and walked away because some of the chapters hit a sensitive spot that I know I have to work on. My favourite saying that I share on a regular basis, What you resist, persists. Do you think I live by that? About 85.5% of the time the other 14.5% percent of me turns my head and ignores what my sassy true self knows to be the truth. Get up and as Nike has shared, Just do it!

The very first two quotes that I highlighted from Jen’s book that I have now pinned up in my writing room:

Wanting can be done sitting on the couch with a bong in your hand and a travel magazine in your lap.

Deciding means jumping in all the way, doing whatever it takes, and going after your dreams with the tenacity of a dateless cheerleaders a week before prom night.

I’ve been jumping up for a long time and now it’s time to jump a little higher to get my butt in gear for the next step of my writing life. Self publish and share the work that has chosen me to work through. Isn’t that a Badass concept?

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .


Friends & Writing

Spending time with other writers is a great way to get inspired. My good friend and award-winning author Jacqui Nelson organized a few fellow writers together for a writing/marketing/goal rally over the weekend and like everything that is meant to be this little gathering was exactly what I needed to commit to the goals that we were asked to share with the group. To take this commitment further, I will share my goals with you:

  • Finish final draft of my current work in progress (One of a three book series of a hotel memoir) by April and send to editor for a copy-edit.
  • Start writing book two and three – I have several notes that need to be organized and put together.
    Book two first draft to be completed by May/June
  • Send query letters to a few publishers to see if there is an interest in the hotel book series.
  • Start working on some book covers. Along with blurbs, front and back, tag lines, all that fun stuff.
  • Start the self publishing train for my memoir about my family.
  • Continue writing one to two blog posts a week. – maybe focus blog posts on hotel series to start promoting.

When we share what we were brought here to give, we are in alignment with our highest, most powerful selves. ~ Jen Sincero

My list of goals are very attainable and the key to my success is focus and actually taking the steps to get to the page and write. I also will ask for help when I feel like I am drowning in my own watery pool of self-pity of “thinking” too much. I am aware that the ego tries to slip in to whisper, hey you, you can’t do this, who do you think you are trying to write and self publish? There are a millions books out there why are you special? I say, because I am that Special and Unique! I have been chosen to tell a story and it’s meant to be shared! Move over ego, the authentic self is here to stay.

                               From left to right: Me, Jodie, Sharron & Jacqui

Jodie Esch our lovely host for the day and talented author is going to join me on writing a weekly blog for Twitters #Monday Blogs As we have shared in our like-minded group we have connected to support one another. This sense of community brings joy to me, I feel connected to my creativity and even more so when we connect as a group and uplift one another where ever we are in our creative path.

What are you writing goals? Have you committed to them? Please share with us, I’ll be happy to help any way I can. Just know that I am here cheering you on.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

Ready, set, write…



This is what makes sense in my life…Write for 15 minutes – prompt, answer, prompt again, answer.

Are you ready? The timer has started.

I recently heard that blogging is not as it use to be about five years ago. This maybe true, but for me blogging makes sense in my life at the moment as blogging gets me here on the page and that is what makes sense in my life. Writing makes sense in my life. Why? The list is ever-growing. I’m here to tell a story and yes I should be spending this fifteen minutes on my work in progress that I want to finish editing and revising by mid-march, it all makes sense to me. The process of writing, the process of sharing the writing, the process of learning more about writing, promoting, marketing, all of it makes sense to me. What doesn’t make sense to me is the procrastinating that settles in when I’m not looking. All of a sudden three or four episodes of whatever Netflix original has gone by and I wonder why the hell I feel so tired. Because I’ve been wasting precious time on something that does not fuel my soul, it feeds the ego and the old behavior of what feels comfortable. If I’m going to change and I’m going to go after what really matters in life, then I have to do something different. That is the truth.


This is what makes sense in my life. That I’ve been bouncing from place to place. I mean I’ve been guided to beautiful places in Canada, I’ve flown across the country from the east coast to live on top of one of the most beautiful Canadian rocky mountains to work and to experience life, this was to add to my creative life, this makes sense to me. The fact that I was with a company that transferred their employees to other beautiful resorts and hotels was a blessing, that made total sense to me. At the time I took it for granted, but deep down I knew that I was in the right place at the right time and I went with the flow, it all made perfect sense. I knew I was a story-teller from the start, I knew I was here to share this talent that has been given to me, a gift so precious that it almost seems like a secret that I shouldn’t share, but why would I think that? Anyone else who has the gift to tell a great story hasn’t held back, look at J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, my goodness they keep writing and keep sharing, why wouldn’t they? Why wouldn’t I?


What makes sense to me is that I am procrastinating from time to time and the excuse of my full-time job is really pissing me off – it’s no excuse, it’s the old behaviour wanting to sit on the sofa and numb the creative being into Netflix submission. That makes no sense to me what so ever, so what am I going to do about it? Get off the sofa, go into my writing room that I’ve been manifesting for most of my life yet don’t spend as much time in there as I have fantasized about, and write, or at least spend time there to give my writing room my energy, to keep giving it time to settle with me, to idle and let the words flow and be with the creativity as it should be. That makes sense to me, to spend time with those who support me and strengthen my abilities as I would do the same for them. Creativity has supported me for this long and it’s time for me to support the talent that has been so graciously loving me. I’m tired of hearing myself be upset hat I didn’t spend time with my writing, so it only makes sense to me that I continue to fight hard to be with it, stay away from the distractions that numb the senses, and go for it, go for the truth and be here on the page!

Well that was a quick 15 minutes – nothing a good rant onto the page won’t fix, or at least have some eye-opening moments.

What makes sense to you? Ready, set, write.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .


I’m Getting There


I didn’t write a lot last week, it was an unexpectedly busy week at the hotel life or should I say it was a week of procrastination that I wasn’t involved with and could not avoid at the same time. Sound weird, well it was and it feels strange to be this far away from writing, but you know what? I’m here now, with you words being tapped onto the blank page and I feel like no time has passed, well except that I’m behind on my word counts, but you get what I mean. I’m back where I am to be, right here and now.


On Friday night after I got home from work, I wanted to write using one of the writing prompts I stocked up on from a friend, but the cards were in another room and I was pretty comfy on the sofa. It was a long day at the hotel life. I was wearing my HR hat for most of the day which I love, yet it can be a bit emotionally draining. Either way I had fun and now my true self is like, ‘um, come on, let’s play!’ So I searched on-line for some writing prompts and I found 365 writing prompts, perfect! I don’t know why, but this was the one I was drawn to, well I have a niggle of why I chose this one:

Closed Doors: What’s behind the door? Why is it closed?

I think I will start the timer for ten minutes and see what happens. Are you ready? I challenge you to write with me, explore the closed-door.


The door is closed and I want to know why. A part of my mind, the darker side, the part that I don’t usually let out most of the times has stepped up and taken the mic. It wants to speak up and tell a story. What kind of story, I do not know, but I do know. Deep down I know how I can slip into the dark side of things, I think the worst case scenario and run with it, let it take over my entire self and let it live as it wants to, as it was intended. I’m a good person, yet there is a piece of me that is very aware that I can be dark and mysterious. But why is the door closed? Where is this door? Why am  I seeing a door closed? Maybe it’s a character that sees the door closed and when they look in the peep-hole they can see very clearly what is happening behind that closed-door. Is it a murder, an affair, and loving moment, a celebration?


There is a man at the door with his hand on the door handle. He knocks first and says a name, Miranda. He knows she’s behind the door. He can almost smell her soft scent of vanilla, she is a baker in a small boutique bakery and she always seems to smell like cookies. He loved that about her, but she didn’t. Behind the door, Miranda is in her bathroom trying to scrub the smell of sweetness off her skin. She uses a fresh bar of soap and rubs away. She hears the knock at the door and she stops suddenly.


She faintly remembers the voice on the other side of the door, she walks through her living room to the front door. She turns the door handle slowly, she is cautious, she wasn’t expecting anyone. She opens the door even more slowly and sees a man at the door, he is someone she has seen, but doesn’t know her.

Can I help you? Miranda can feel her arms numbing from the hard soap on her skin.

I was going to ask you the same question. 

The timer has stopped and I wonder where this story will end up going? It’s fun to let creativity take over and have fun. Just let go of the day and let it all be right here and now. Did you’re closed-door have a story? Set your timer for ten minutes and have fun.

Until next time, keep on typing . . . .







Thanks to thinkwritten for the 365 writing prompts that you can find here

Secretly, I think it’s possible that…


Writing prompt number 5:

Secretly, I think it’s possible that… ( the card also reads: write for 10 minutes. Push yourself, write like no one is reading) Already, I’m a bit nervous to start the timer, I don’t know what to write about, but that’s the point of this blog challenge, to push myself to the edge and write like no is reading – here we go: The timer has been started:


Secretly, I think it’s possible that I am made for bigger things. I mean I already feel this. I feel like I’ve been chosen by creativity, the universe, whatever you wish to call it to keep it safe and comfortable, but for me, it’s creativity. I feel like I’ve been chosen by creativity to create, to share, to be the vessel of creativity to share what it needs to share with me, you, the world. Does that make sense? Does it sound out of this world? I don’t think so. It is Louis Carroll’s birthday and someone I follow on Instagram shared a quote and asked what great nonsense quote we liked of Mr. Carroll’s – there are so many, which one do I start with? When I started to search for one quote to post on my social media accounts, I’m sitting there scrolling through amazing quote from Alice in Wonderland and this man had this great idea about a girl falling into another universe, another time and place, her imagination, his imagination, that is pretty amazing! I know it’s possible, and I don’t think it’s a secret at all, it’s very clear to me that it is very possible for me to sit my ass down and write the ideas, the stories that creativity is and has been sharing with me. I get so frustrated when I don’t take the time that each idea and story deserves that sometimes my ego tends to hide and “think” if we don’t pay attention to it then it won’t matter. But guess what, it does matter – I have had so many tastes and glimpses of what it feels like to be in the zone, the meditative zone of writing that I can’t just ignore it, I crave to be on the page, to share he stories that have been whispered into my mind – what use is it to waste these ideas, if I don’t write the stories, another version of it will be shared with someone else and they will take the time, give their life to creativity. I say that I vow myself to the words, the imagination and to creativity, but night after night after working a full time job, I sink away into the sofa, once again debating on what to watch on Netflix, it’s a very old behavior that I’ve been dealing with for sometime. I know it’s possible to stop this insane behaviour of thinking it will change one day, well “one-day” is here and I’m about to take the ego and put in the corner and say ‘stay until I’m ready for you’ and that won’t anytime soon.


The timer has stopped and once again I’m filled with excitement as I intently tap away on the keyboard. I hope you can sit down and use this prompt to get your creative mojo jumping onto the page. I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .