A Recipe to Share – Thai Spaghetti Squash Noodles

I love to write and I love to cook. My social media pages tend to be filled with either writing quotes or pictures of what we are cooking. I thought I would share a few of our favourite recipes (Caution: plant-based recipes because veggies are good for you).

We recently made our first recipe from the Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better, alkaline recipe book by Julie Cove. Thai Spaghetti Squash Noodles with Sweet Chili sauce.

The Noodles:

• 1 large spaghetti squash
• 1 Tbsp. coconut oil (I used light tasting olive oil)
• ¼ cup sliced yellow onion (I used a sweet onion)
• 3 Tbsp. finely chopped fresh lemongrass (we used lemon zest because I forgot to but the lemongrass)
• 1 Tbsp. finely chopped garlic
• 1 Tbsp. finely chopped ginger
• ½ cup julienned scrubbed carrot
• ½ cup julienned, scrubbed daikon radish
• ½ cup julienned red bell pepper (we used about a cup because we love red peppers.
• ½ cup julienned, scrubbed zucchini
• 1 Tbsp. Bragg liquid aminos (I used soy sauce = 2 tbsp to the 1 tbsp)
• ¼ tsp sea salt
• 5 Tbsp. finely chopped cilantro
• 3 Tbsp. sliced fresh mint (we didn’t use this, my partner is not a fan of mind, fair enough)
• 3 Tbsp. of sliced basil
• 3 Tbsp. of finely chopped green onions (didn’t use, we don’t care for green onions, purely a taste thing for us)
• Juice from ½ lime
• Hemp heart for garnish

Preheat the oven to 350 F. Line a baking sheet with parchment (I used our glass Pyrex dish, no parchment needed)

• Halve the squash lengthwise and place it, cut side down, on the baking sheet, (Do not add water or the squash will be too soft.) Bake for 30 – 40 minutes or until fork-tender and the “spaghetti” strings pull freely from the skin. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
• Heat the oil in a sauté pan on medium heat. Add the onion, lemongrass, garlic, and ginger and sauté for 1 – 2 minutes. Stir in the carrot, daikon, bell pepper and zucchini for 1 -2 minutes. Season with Bragg (soy sauce) and salt. Remove from the heat, then add the cilantro, mint, basil, green onion, and lime juice and toss well to combine.
• Using a fork, loosen the strands of spaghetti squash from the skin by dragging it lengthwise with the stands. Divide the squash among 6 plates into nice heaps. Discard the skins. Pike the Thai-spiced veggie noodles over the squash and serve with sweet chili sauce on the side. Garnish with hemp hearts.

Sweet Chili Sauce: (It does take time to make I recommend getting a glass of wine)

• ¾ cup filtered alkaline water (we have a Brita, I took that as okay to use)
• Juice of 1 lemon
• 4 drops of stevia (Sorry can’t do Stevia – we used white sugar about a teaspoon for 2 to 4 drops)
• 1 Tbsp. tapioca starch (flour if you don’t have any)
• 1 tsp coconut oil (we used light tasting olive oil)
• ½ cup finely chopped sweet onion
• 2 garlic cloves finely minced
• ½ cup finely minced red bell pepper
• ½ Thai bird’s-eye chili pepper, seeded and finely chopped (couldn’t find this, but you can use cayenne pepper, about ½ tsp)
• 2 tsp maple syrup (optional) or more stevia – you better believe we used maple syrup

In a glass measuring cup. Whisk together the water, lemon juice, stevia, and tapioca starch until well combined. Set aside. (I used a mason jar and shook it together, great arm work out!)

• Heat oil in a small saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion and sauté for 1 minute. Stir in garlic, bell pepper, and chilli pepper and sauté for 1 more minute. Whisk the tapioca mixture again and pour it into the pan. Cook, stirring to combine, for 3 – 5 minutes, until the mixture turns from cloudy to clear. Add the salt and maple syrup (if using). Remove from heat, allow to cool slightly, and pour into a sauceboat. (The sauce will set up as it chills. To thin it, whisk in a drizzle of warm water.)

Enjoy! Please let me know how you made out – did you substitute anything, add something? Please share.

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Recipes for writing ~ another type of writing prompt


It’s fun and exciting finding random topics to write about these days. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be back with my adventures of diving in deeper into creativity. These days I’m witnessing how much time I’m spending away from the page and thinking about how I can get back to this place as fast as I can. Sitting down and putting my fingers on the keyborad is the first step. Then I keep on tapping words onto the page, something is bound to happen.



For now I’m drawn to this writing prompt page, there is a reason, it’s only a matter of writing to find out. As I scrolled through the list of writing prompts, I stumbled across another passion of mine. Cooking.

Recipe: Write about a favorite recipe, or create a poem that is a recipe for something abstract, such as a feeling.

Are you ready? Do you want to set the timer? Maybe a sprint writing session is in order to get the creative juices flowing. I’m feeling a bit edgy and need to let go. Why I chose this writing prompt? I love to cook, I love to prepare food for people, I put my love into the food, I am just being right there in the moment. Cooking is another form of creativity and much like writing, once I pick up the knife to smash garlic before I mince it, I am an artists to reckon with.


Lately, my partner and I have been eating planet based meals, mostly for dinners and I usually make a planet based meal for the one night of the week I work a later shift at the hotel. Doing research on vegan/vegetarian meals is pretty easy these days. I found a great website that started us off on the right path, along with Oh She Glow’s cook book I was given three years ago at a secret Santa gift exchange at work. Everything happens for a reason.


We are really enjoying the Farro Salad from Planet Based Cooking.com  I have not cooked with Farro before so I stick with the instructions of two cups of water to one cup of Farro, but I did need to add a little more water to help give the Farro a less al-dante texture.


As the Farro is cooking, I chop the red peppers (I also use yellow pepper for flavour and color). I rinse off the kidney beans and let them stand while I prepare the other veggies we like to use. The recipe calls for Swiss Char, sometimes we use spinach, whatever is in season and available. We like to use avocado instead of yellow or green beans, and adding saute mushrooms is always fun. Instead of raw red onion I sprinkle onion powder on the mushrooms as they cook, I also like to use turmeric for a little extra flavour.

The dressing is also pretty simple:

  • 3 Tbl red wine vinegar
  • 1 Tbl fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4 tsp curry powder
  • salt & pepper to taste

Once everything is in the bowl, pour the dressing over the salad, mix well and serve. Much like writing there is a process of events to get to the end result. There is something about taking the time to put your loving energy into something that will nourish your body, mind and spirit.


How did your favourite recipe exercise turn out? What is your favourite recipe lately, is there something that triggers your memory or a new story? Cooking brings people together, they talk about food much like they talk about a book, movie or TV series. Creativity is amazing in all forms and mediums.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .








Thank you thinkwritten for these great writing prompts!

Post Thanksgiving


Happy post-thanksgiving my Canadian friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did you have turkey or ham or both? Did you cook or did you go to a pot luck and someone else made the turkey? Did you have to work and celebrated Thanksgiving dinner on another day? We all have different lives and have to balance our lives to ensure we take time and enjoy the holiday.

The one question that is asked during Thanksgiving is what are you thankful for? The main characters that make the top of the list:

Five orange pumpkins sit in a row in front of a distressed, wooden background.


All these are true for me, I am especially grateful this year because I was fortunate to flying back to Nova Scotia to spend the Thanksgiving weekend and week with my family. There is nothing like coming home during the holidays, there is a real sense of comfort and joy. I am very grateful to have this amazing opportunity to be able to be right here and now.


I would also like to add, I am grateful for creativity. I am grateful for having this wonderful relationship with my imagination and creativity. There are times where I might wander, but never that far, and when I do take a step away, I know that I can return in a blink of an eye. Grateful.


Optimism is critical to our spiritual health. Is our creative glass half full or half empty? If we are to ‘take heart’ and go on with our work, then we must take our heart seriously. We must listen to its pains and we must bring to it its joys. A heart does not need to be told ‘oh toughen up.’ It needs you  to plan a tiny cheering ceremony and execute it. That done, you will find ‘the heart’ – the courage – to work again and well. ~ Julia Cameron


My cheerleader is taking her vitamins and ready to keep on cheering my heart, my passion and creativity knows this. Creativity is right next to my cheerleader chanting, ‘keep writing, you can do it!’ with much intention. For that I am thankful.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

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As you have guessed, I’m a big fan and believer in morning pages. I can’t seem to say enough about how morning pages have changed my life, saved my life, moved me forward and keep me on my toes. There is no hiding in morning pages, I let it all out on the three pages that start my day. The first thing I do when I wake up (after I get my mug of hot water and lemon) is sit in my writing room and put a pen to a blank page and just write.  Lately, my pages are filled with frustrations of something I’ve been working on for my self-care and I seem to be struggling. It frustrates me to no end that I can’t move forward with one commitment and I know I am the only person who can make the changes. I write my truth in my morning pages and writing is so much more than putting words on a page.


Writing is a friend whose shoulder we can cry on. Writing is a confidant who listens and lets us sort things out. Writing is a comrade, marching with us through the steep days of sorrow and despair. Writing is our weather and also how we change our weather. Writing is our landscape and how we view the landscape that we have. ~ Julia Cameron


What more can we say what writing is? What does writing mean to you? Don’t you just love that image of writing being your friend, having someone sitting with you, cheering you on, like a rowing coach calling out ‘stroke’, writing calls out ‘write,write, write’. Writing is my voice.


There is no better way to open a writing voice than to write regularly, repetitively, and from the gut. I write Morning Pages every day. They are like doing scales. They take me up and down my emotions, up and down my life circumstances, up and down my cations and reactions – and they take about twenty minutes. ~ Julia Cameron


This is so very true, I am up and down on the page. I can be right to the point, or I will dance around the subject for two pages and finally I give in knowing I can’t hide and knowing I will feel relief if I name the frustration, put it down on the page and let it go, so simple, but so scary all at the same time. I tend to the same here, I write around the very thing I want to share and if I only say what I mean then it would be a lot easier to get to the point. There is no need to skip around the subject, sure we might be afraid of what the reaction maybe, but in the long run it will feel a lot better than hiding in the corner you feel so ever comfortable sitting in, but what to get out of at the same time. Life can be a bit of a double edge sword and writing helps with each side, be it smooth and slick or a jagged edge ripping away at your very soul. Writing will get you past the frustrations and fears. Writing will fill you joy once you get going.


Writing from the body – dropping down into the well of your experience and sounding how you feel – ultimately yields a body of work. We say that a voice is full-bodied without realizing that this is a literal phrase: when we write from our gut rather than from our head we acquire the same resonance that a singer does when the breath comes from the diaphragm rather than the high up in the chest…Writing ca be done the same way. It can be done by listening to how we feel rather than thinking about how we feel.  ~ Julia Cameron

As I write morning pages, I have learned how to listening to how I feel, some days are better than others with this practice and that’s exactly what writing is, practice. The more we write and read we are fine tuning are craft and our whole being. Writing is my true friend.

Until next time, keep on typing….





Lately, I’ve been in the zone with writing, the creativity pumps through my veins and I am aware of the creativity whispering to me more often, and maybe it’s always been nudging me with ideas and possibilities, and now I’m actively listening, I must listen to fulfill my end of he bargain. I must continue to write. I must listen to what I need to do to continue to write clearly. I am taking the steps to live a more clean and clear lifestyle. In the past few days I’ve been drawn back to a book that was shared with me years ago. I started to read it then, but I wasn’t really ready to dive deep into the text. I’ve picked up these book from time to time thinking, feeling it was time to take a closer look at what Dan Wakefield was sharing. Creating from Spirit – A path to creative power in art and life, is another great writing reference book I have on my book shelves, it actually is next to my bed most nights and on my desk when I need a quick jolt of inspiration.



I would like to share some quotes/pages from Mr. Wakefield’s book and see if any of the notions resonate with you. I love to hear from you all, a sharing in you is a sharing in me.

I’ll start with Chapter 6: Evoking the spirit: The power of clarity.                                      A barrage of distracting and deadening forces from both outside and inside constantly assaults us, in a way that disturbs and even destroys our clarity of mind, body, and soul: the abuse of alcohol or drugs; food….sex, and television. We use these things to numb our senses – and our sense itself.                                                        Don’t worry; I’m not advocating that you give up all these things and become a saint. I wouldn’t know how to tel you to do it, or want to do it myself, even I could! What I want is to provide some clues for taping into your creativity by first clearing yourself of the accumulated debris of substances and practices that clutter and deaden the mind and the senses. 


I find myself noticing that if I do drink alcohol it now instantly numbs my senses. When I was younger I didn’t feel this sensation as easily. Hanging out with friends and having a few drinks was part of the whole social experiment. Now, I get distracted with the way the alcohol makes my body feel, just like when I would eat too much chocolate, I felt my body become lazy which makes my senses laxadaisy and all of a sudden I’ve lost all motivation to do any writing or very much of anything. I witness my thoughts go into guilt mode ‘look at you wasting time drinking and watching TV, you could be writing….” This is more my inner child/cheerleader who is fighting for clarity, and it’s the ego that is leaning towards wasting time because it’s afraid to do anything different. The ego is fearful of success, the success of finishing a book, a script and poem to be shared. The ego thinks too much about the future and unhealthy habits feed that fear and shut down the true self. I’m speaking about myself, we are all different, but for me this is true.


Dan continues: To me, the most powerful key to accessing creativity is clarity. Clarity is the compass that orients you, the lens that focuses, the “sword in the stone.”


How do we get clarity? What are the steps? That’s up to us. Everyone is different, but I know when I am clear, when my body, mind and spirit is clear of the clutter of toxins I’m much more productive. When I put toxins such as junk food or alcohol into my body my spirit becomes dull, Dan shares spirits kills spirit. And like Dan said, I’m not suggesting to give up anything, and I enjoy a glass of really great wine with dinner or a cold beer on a hot day; but for me I know I’m at my best when I’m living clear and clean. Again the question is how do we gain this clarity?


Meditation is a great tool, finding your own sacred place, be it a park bench or the park itself, or does sitting by the ocean bring you a sense of clarity? What works for you might not work for me and that’s okay. I meditate and some people can’t even think how to sit still for five minutes at one sitting. I relish in the moments of stillness tat I take for myself, my soul, my spirit. So, how do you gain clarity? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, keep on typing….


The Artist’s Way – Do you have a Crazymaker?


This week I’ve been sick with a nasty cold, and I mean down right, kick me down to the curb kinda sick. I am just now feeling about 75% better, I can actually breath through both nostrils and I’m not coughing every other minute. Needless to say I haven’t been motivated to do much of anything and my writing was slipping away from me, moment by moment, day by day and a week went by and I knew I was in trouble if I didn’t write something. I was writing my morning pages which pointed out the fact that I wasn’t writing beyond my morning pages. I was writing how miserable I was about not writing, not realizing I was in fact writing. I was becoming my own worst enemy, as Julia Cameron would say I was my own poisonous playmate and crazymaker.

Creativity flourishes when we have a sense of safety and self acceptance…Toxic playmates can capsize our artist’s growth. Not surprisingly, the most poisonous playmates for us as recovering creatives are people whose creativity is still blocked. Our recovery threatens them. ~ The Artist’s Way.

road runner

My ego is blocked and it is threatened that it doesn’t have control over me as it once did. Slowly, I mean over the past five years the ego is slowly dissolving, the old behaviors are dying off, one by one. Then, out of the blue, the ego will show up with a grand gesture to shake me up, making thinking that all the work I’ve done to be right here and now, was for nothing, I wasted my time just to be in the same spot I was from the start. And it’s not that I’m a “blocked” artist, I’m more like a stuck artist, stuck in a rut of going at full speed and writing for weeks, months and then all of a sudden I stop myself in my own tracks like the Road Runner stopping short as Wile Coyote runs past off the edge of the mountain. What feels like a brief moment of a break turns into a week and then it takes me weeks to get back into the routine of writing at top speed. But then the ego kicks in and spouts off “you’re not going as fast as you did before, why don’t you just search the internet for this or that and then get back to the story, this story is boring move onto the next…” The self-attack still lingers around me and I am aware of that and that my friends is half the battle.


The essential element in nurturing our creativity lies in nurturing ourselves. Through self-nurturance we nurture our inner connection to the great creator. Through this connection our creativity will unfold. Paths will appear for us. We need to trust the great creator and move out in faith. Repeat: the great creator has gifted us with creativity. Our gift back is our use of it. Do not let friends squander your time. Be gentle but firm, and hang tough.The best thing you can do for your friends is to be an example through your own recovery. Do not let their fears and second thoughts derail you. ~ The Artist’s Way

I have worked on maintaining relationships with people who share the same philosophies in life. I have more writer friends because I want to surround myself with people who get it, who get the frustrations of being writer, the joys, the tears, the laughs, of those moments of bliss where we can sit down and just write. Not everyone gets that and that’s okay. When I seriously started on my writing journey I had to face some hard truths about some of the people I was associating with. Their toxic personalities and constant dramas were not good to be around; Julia Cameron describes craszymakers:


Crazymakers are those personalities that create storm centers. They are often charismatic, frequently charming, highly inventive, and powerfully persuasive. And, for a creative person in their vicinity, they are enormously destructive. You know the type: charismatic but out of control, long on problems and short on solutions. Crazymakers are the kind of people who can take over your whole life. To fixer-uppers, they are irresistible: so much to change, so many distractions…. If you are involved with a crazymaker, you probably know it already. ~ The Artist’s Way. 

I had a few crazymakers in my life when I first read this chapter and I laughed out loud. I was desperately trying to get away from people who created their own drama. I had to learn that I was creating my own drama before I could stop letting crazymakers in my life. I wanted to help or more like fix my crazymaker friends and that was a clear sign that I was being distracted. I also “thought” I had to fix myself, but I realized that if I just did what made me happy I would be okay. When I started to write more and more I was happier, more at peace, calm, and things started to fall into place. For example: when I was laid off from my job I bumped into a friend who was starting an on-line magazine and needed someone to write profiles for the magazine. I instantly took the job and started to feel like my writing life, the creative life was truly taking over.


Just a few more notes about crazymakers that I wanted to share because when I read them the first time, I was like “I know so and so is like this and I need to get away from them.” and then I remembered when a friend of mine in university said “Sometimes you have to let go of someone to grow.” so I was seriously thinking about who I wanted to spend my time with.

Crazymakers expect special treatment: They suffer a wide panoply of mysterious ailments that require care and attention whenever you have a deadline looming – or anything else that draws your attention from the crazymaker’s demands. The crazymaker cooks her own special meal in a house full of hungry children – and does nothing to feed the kids.

Crazymakers discount your reality: No matter how important your deadline or how critical your work trajectory at the moment, crazymakers will violate your needs. Crazymakers are the people who call you at midnight or 6:00am saying, “I know you asked me not to call you at this time, but…”

Crazymakers triangulate those they deal with: Because crazymakers thrive on energy (your energy), they set people against one another in order to maintain their own power position dead center. 

Crazymakers are expert blamers: Nothing that goes wrong is ever their fault, and to hear them tell it, the fault is usually yours. 

Crazymakers hate schedules – except their own: If you claim a certain block of time as your own, your crazymaker will find a way to fight you for that time, to mysteriously need things (meaning you) just when you need to be alone and focused on the task in hand.

Why do we then spend time with our crazymakers? I’m guilty for gravitating to some of my crazymakers at times and then wonder why I did when I feel exhausted after spending time with them.


The answer, to be brief but brutal, is that we’re that crazy ourselves and we are that self-destructive. Really? Yes. As blocked creatives, we are willing to go to almost any lengths to remain blocked. As frightening and abusive as life with a crazymaker is, we find it far less threatening than the challenge of a creative life of our own. 

So what can we do? Even before I read Julia’s suggestions I knew that I had to stay away from my crazymakers as much as possible. One being my own ego, which at times seems impossible to detach from, but it is possible, with a lot of meditation and self-awareness.


If you are involved now with a crazymaker, it is very important that you admit this fact. Admit that you are being used – and admit that you are using your own abuser. Your crazymaker is a block you chose yourself, to deter your from your own trajectory…If you are involved in a tortured tango with a crazymaker, stop dancing to his/her tune. Pick up a book on codependency to get yourself to a twelve-step program for relationship addiction. The next time you catch yourself saying or thinking “He/she is driving me crazy!”Ask yourself what creative work you are trying to block by your involvement. ~ The Artist’s Way

Sometimes it’s not easy being creative and sometimes we need to be a little more honest with ourselves and kick our own ass.

Until next time, keep on typing….



The Artist’s Way – Recovering a Sense of Power

book art 1

This week I’ve been experiencing frustration and anger. I’m angry with myself for wasting time once again, avoiding the one thing that really fills me with joy. I don’t get it! I know I want to write, I know I have great stories to share, and then I turn around and procrastinate by watching another episode of Friends, or start researching something for a story and fall into that rabbit hole, continuing to go down with no way out. This gets me angry, and Julia Cameron talks about anger in a way that helps me get off my butt and move forward. What Julia says about anger:


Anger is fuel. We feel it and we want to do something. Hit someone, break something, throw a fit…but we are nice people, and what we do with our anger is stuff it, deny it, bury it, block it, hide it, lie about it, medicate it, ignore it. We do everything but listen to it.

How many times have you felt this way? How many times have you thought “I’m pissed off, but if I go do this instead I won’t worry about it, or think about it, or deal with it? I have my hand up like Hermione Granger knowing the answer to Professors Snapes question.


Anger is meant to be listened to. Anger is a voice, a shout a plea, a demand. Anger is meant to be respected. Why? Because anger is a map. Anger shows us what our boundaries are. Anger shows us where we want to go. It lets us see where we’ve been and lets us know when we haven’t like it. Anger points the way, not just the finger. In the recovery of a blocked artist, anger is a sign of health. Anger is meant to be acted upon. It is not meant to be acted out. Anger points direction. We are meant to use anger as a fuel to take the action we need to move where our anger points us. With a little thought, we can usually translate the message that our anger is sending us.


When I first started my morning pages, anger showed me the way to a more joyful life even though I was scared as hell to leave the comfortable, complacent life I was living, or more like going through a motion like some zombie looking for its next victim.  Anger showed me that I didn’t have to stay in a job that I “thought” I needed or “thought” I really loved. Anger showed me that I needed to leave a job to find my true self and once I took the leap of faith, everything else fell into place. I was able to use my anger and turn it into love for myself. Now, I need to sit and listen to what anger is trying to tell me this time. But I have this funny feeling it’s the same message as before. I hear Julia’s words once again about anger of getting on with my writing:

“I can’t believe it! I had this idea for a play three years ago, and she’s gone and written it.” (This anger says: stop procrastinating. Ideas don’t get opening nights. Finished play do. Start writing.) When we feel anger, we are often very angry that we feel anger. Damn anger! It tells us we can’t get away with our old life any longer. It tells us that old life is dying. It tells us we are being reborn, and birthing hurts. The hurt makes us angry…Anger is a tool, not a master. Anger is meant to be tapped into and drawn upon. Used properly, anger is use-full.

There have been so many times when I was younger and I had an idea for a TV show, or an episode for a TV show, a movie or a song. Then weeks later I’d watch that very episode, watch a trailer for a movie, or hear a song that was the exact idea that I had. Why didn’t I write it down? Why didn’t I do something about it? I’d become so angry and feel drained, sad, I knew something wasn’t right. When I read the Artist’s way and anger, a light bulb went on, a big bright light bulb and my hand smacked my forehead “Hello!” and I used that anger to write. I wasn’t going to let anyone write my stories any longer!


Sloth, apathy, and despair are the enemy. Anger is not. Anger is our friend. Not a nice friend. Not a gentle friend. But a very, very loyal friend. It will always tells us when we have been betrayed. It will always tell us when we have betrayed ourselves. It will always tell us that it is time to act in our own best interests. 


My anger for procrastinating is telling me to act quickly or my story will be told by someone else. If I don’t finish the story someone else will, so hurry the hell up! Is what I hear my anger telling me, no longer a whisper, but a firm voice that I can not ignore, I do not want to ignore, I want to tell my stories and I’m the only one who can finish them, so hurry up and getting writing! Through this journey of writing, I am acting for my own best interests.

Until next time, keeping on typing…