Why is it hard to be a writer?

It is hard being a writer, how’s that for a start?

For me it never was as difficult as I “Think” it is today. The ego likes to tell me it is hard. These days it is about priorities. What comes first? Creative life, farm life or the hotel life?

Some days it is the hotel life, then coming home to the farm life for a few minutes and then a moment in the creative life.

Other days is can be the farm life mixed with the creative life. Then during the “work-week” the hotel life takes priority, it is the life that pays for the bills, that is reality. The creative life is my passion and if one day it pays the bills, bonus, but it is not why I write. I write because I can not, not write. I am a creative being, that is the truth. I also enjoy the hotel life, now. I was not having fun at the hotel life during the past year and a half, pandemic aside, I took on a position that I knew I didn’t want and knew it would affect my creative life, but I did it anyway, because the ego “thought” I needed to prove something, that I could do the job and I could do the job, but there is a difference. I didn’t want to be the go-to girl anymore. When you know, you just know and then slowly my passion was striped away with each new responsibility, each two in the morning text about the hotel operation system going down, each time I stepped into the building I felt a heaviness. My true self was screaming to get out of the vicious cycle. So, I did. I trusted the universe as I always have and always will and I moved to my new position, my new passion of the hotel life, human resources, taking care of employees so they can take care of themselves and our hotel guests. I am rewarded with the new experiences to grow and share with the employees. I am truly grateful for the opportunity. Thank you, universe.

When the work day at the hotel life is over, I head home and hang out in the green house to help with a few things. I ask my hubby to leave the harvesting of the kale for me, I love going into the greenhouse and being around the food we are growing for our community. Being around nature and growing food fill my soul with joy, it fills my creative well. The farm life and the hotel life both provide me and my creative life with what is needed to sit down and get the words on the page. This is why all three lives are a priority. I must maintain the level of passion that creativity and farming provide me wit. Creativity chose me to work through so I better get to the task at hand. Sharing the stories that are whispered in my ears are from creativity, if I don’t capture the stories, creativity will move along to another to work through. There is no time to waste when it comes to sharing stories.

There is no excuse to not engage with your passions. Even when I “think” my writing life is being put on the back burner, it is simply waiting for me and also gathering more inspiration and experiences, filling the creative well so that I have the energy and information to draw from. I love that image. A deep well filled with inspiration that I can scoop up when needed. It is about taking the time to prioritize those moments and what to focus on in each moment. In this very moment I am putting both creativity and the farming life in front. I am sitting at our farm stand writing this blog. Best of both worlds. I made a decision and followed through. I am here on the page fulfilling the creative life.

What are you doing to prioritize your creative life? I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for being here with me today. Enjoy the day!

Until Next Time, Keep on Typing…

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