My Covid-19 Update

It has been over a year since Covid-19 has taken over our lives. Does anyone feel that way? Not one day goes by when I don’t hear about the virus. I am feeling the Covid burnout. I may sound a little negative these days. I’m tired of hearing, hold on, we’ll get through this. I know this all will pass, but I am tired.  I wouldn’t be honoring my true self if I didn’t share that I am not always happy and the cheerleader that I share I am. This cheerleader’s pom-poms are dishevelled and ready to be tossed.

I have re-read my post from, March 30 2020, about my first dealings with Covid as a front-line worker, and how everyone was concerned about how quickly they would be getting their Covid relief money to maintain their every day life. It was a scary time for many people. Not knowing where there next pay-cheque was coming from. It’s scary. As a manager of a hotel, we are struggling to find people to work because they make more money staying on the unemployment package then working. I get it. Minimum wage for some positions is not worth working. The double edge sword is even better, the hotel and many other businesses that are hiring for both full time and part time employees because hospitality is still suffering due to the travel restrictions in New Brunswick and all over the world. It is hard to guarantee new hires full time hours because we don’t know what the occupancy will be in three weeks, let alone two months from now. Booking times have changed. The days of planning your vacations months out are gone. People are looking at booking for 2022 because maybe the virus will be behind us. However, there are no guarantees. How do you schedule for the unknown?

I wanted to share about my experiences dealing with Covid-19. They are no different than yours. We are all in this together. Some people are coping with the new normal better than others. But there are some people who are not doing okay. Mental wellness is on the rise. I thought I was doing okay until recently. I find myself a bit snappier. I haven’t left this province for months due to the Atlantic Canada borders being closed to one another. It’s difficult to go anywhere on our days off because our farm is growing, and that is amazing. We are so grateful for our farm and we doing what we said we wanted to, to provide fresh, local produce for the community. This is a positive – my cheerleader is waving her new pom-poms all around. Those who have started a farm, been in the game for a while, knows what it takes to maintain the smallest of urban farms to a full-blown farm. (Hundreds of acres of land to maintain) The one thing you can’t do is, walk away, when watering, weeding and maintenance are required on a daily basis. My husband is only one person and we moved back to the East Coast to start our own business. I am aware of this and my ego is in my face “thinking” I can do what I want and truth is, I can’t just say, let’s go away for the weekend during certain seasons. Winter will be our time to take time for ourselves. Spring through early Winter is our busy time. I am coming to terms with this. The Ego is not and I am aware. More meditation is required. More writing is definitely needed.

I started to write about my new job as a General Manager at the hotel I work for, but it started to sound like the ‘poor-me’ story. I am grateful for the amazing opportunity that is being provided to maintain this creative life. I can complain about certain aspects about the position, but really, there is not reason to complain. I have a job that provides what is needed and that is a blessing.

As I write, I see the Ego trying to bully its way into my thoughts and making me think I need to be stuck in the same story, when really, I am writing my way into another life. I am doing exactly what I need to be doing in this moment. Writing. It is amazing when you do something you love, everything negative washes away. Thank you, creativity.

Thank you for being here with me today. How are you coping with Covid-19? How do you deal with news, the overload of information, what are you doing to maintain your happiness? I would love to hear from you. Sharing helps us grow and stay connected. That is what we are here for, to support and connect.

Until Next Time, Keep on Typing…

One thought on “My Covid-19 Update

  1. curtismeighan

    Great Blog and I think you hit it right on point with how all of us in the travel industry is feeling during COVID-19, I’m at the point now I try not to stress about what is going on since I have no control with that aspect and only worry about what I can control.

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