A Few Things I am Learning

The life of a writer is an interesting one. It is a lot of work to write a book, but it’s the kind of work that we love. Spinning words together to create a great story. That is fun work and solitude work. Some non-writers question the amount of time writers spend alone. We need this time to be with the words that may or may not be read. We write because we have a story we would like to share.

Now that I have finished my book, I’m now on the self-publishing journey. I honestly have no-idea what I am doing except for following steps from good friends who are self-publishing. Then just when they share they may have cracked the Algorithm code on how to successful make it to top ten list on Amazon, the rules change within a blink of an eye. I’m looking forward to being part of this adventurous journey.

A few things I’ve been doing as I venture into the self-publishing world:
  • The last few weeks I have been working with my editor. It has been a good experience. I had to sit my butt down and really work. The book is not going to write it self and for that matter of fact, it is not going to edit itself either.
  • I have been stingy with my time lately. Any free time I have after I am done working eight or sometimes longer at the hotel life, I am in my writing room. I knew my editor had questions for me and I’m paying her to help me shape my book. She has a time-line and so do I. Why would I not be stingy with my time? If you want something to work, you have to work for it.
  • Self-care. I’ve spent hours in my writing room and sitting for most of the time. The body needs to stretch and move. I have to make sure I’m getting up from the chair every hour, or at least shift my body in my chair (which is one of the oldest office chairs that has a cracked seat and squeaks when I roll around – and I love it!) I go for walks and I spend about an hour in the gym six days a week. I sit on the sofa and talk with my husband while drinking beer. These things may seem small, but they help me relax and help me with not getting to antsy in my writing chair.
Things I am learning:
  • Last week I made a change to my book cover and I wanted to make sure I was very focused and clear on the changes. It cost money to have a book cover created. I paid for the final design, then I shared the cover with a group of people and the feedback I got was heartbreaking. Okay it wasn’t that bad, the comments were truthful and made sense to me. I asked my book designer if she could make the changes and what the cost would be. She didn’t charge me full price which I am very grateful for. I learned I need to lean on my writing support groups before I submit the payment. Check out my cover here ~ Thank you.

  • Self-care, part 2, sleep: I am passionate about my writing life and when you do something you love, you’ll never “work” another day in your life. I love the little things that need to be done when you’re getting ready to self-publish, it can be stressful, especially for anyone new to the process. I know I shared my self-care tips for me, but I have to remember that if I am feeling stressed that I need to take more time for myself and that usually means the body, mind and spirit needs more rest. If I get eight hours of sleep I feel well rested and ready for the next eight hours in my writing room.
  • Trust my self. I have to trust that I am on the right path.

What tips and tricks have your learned during your writing practice or self-publishing journeys?

Until Next Time, Keep on Typing…


2 thoughts on “A Few Things I am Learning

  1. You are correct. A well rested body leads to a well rested mind. In the indie publishing world, the nature of the business changes daily. Many things you can’t control. So at the end of the day you just hang on for the ride.It’s a learning curve for sure.
    And you are learning so much. For your second book, you will understand the process more. 😊

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