How Self-Care Can Help Writing

Life can be busy. Just think of how you start your day and everything that happens from the time you wake up to the time you get back into bed at night. Or maybe you work the night shift and you are going to bed at 7:00 am when the majority of people are getting up starting their day. I thank you for taking this on, I’ve worked a few over-night shifts and it is not an easy task.


As a writer who works in hospitality, my life, if I let it happen, can be filled up business pretty easily. For the past twenty-five years I’ve worked in a hotel and for a period of time, much like the ego slipping in and taking over the true self, the hotel life took over the writing life. When I become aware of this transition I know I must look within and remind myself of what I am here to do. What I have been chosen to share. Writing, sharing stories, not wasting the talent that has been given to me ever so graciously.


On a daily basis, I am practicing self-care. There is a lot of meditating. There is also a lot of deep breathing when I’m not able to ride to my writing room, shut the door and keep everything negative out. These are days when the ego tends to have more of a say and I’m not paying attention to the true self. Meditation is important to me and creativity. I need stillness which may sound funny as most of my eight to ten-hour days are filled with a very busy hotel life. Yet, stillness fills my heart when there the lobby of full of people checking in, babies crying, dogs barking (dog-friendly hotel) and the everyday shuffling of a hotel. I take a deep breath and practice the meditation I have come accustomed to, Self-inquiry. I have always been a quiet and grounded person and meditation provides me space to really embrace the stillness which carries over into my everyday life. I am able to write for longer periods of time which I have been able to do ever since I can remember, but adding meditation to my self-care has enhanced my ability to sit in a chair longer or wherever I am writing. Mediation has provided me with the art of knowing I can not change people, and when a guest is not having a great time and wanting to yell at a manager (this still does happen), I am able to watch and witness the person and know that it has no bearing on who I am or what I do. It’s kinda nice when you don’t take on other people’s stuff.

My top three other self-care practices may look a little like this:

  • Cooking, I love to cook. Preparing a great meal is so meditative to me. I get into the zone. There is something about chopping vegetables that gives me a sense of peace.
  • Taking a bath. We all have our own bath rituals. Mine is all about the Epson salts; citrus or lavender essential oils (unless I need to soak my legs after a hard leg work out, then I’ll pull out the eucalyptus oil). I sometimes turn on spa-like music and sink under the water until my chin touches the surface, close my eyes and just be still.
  • Going for long walks and hiking. I am very grateful and fortunate to live by the ocean. Thank you universe for this opportunity. I can walk to the ocean within ten minutes of where we live. There is something about the ocean that speaks to me and creativity. Going for hikes within the mountains on Vancouver Island, especially only a ten-minute drive from our neighborhood is also a blessing. To be surrounded by nature is comforting and provides me with inspiration and a great love of where I am.

It’s important to take care of ourselves. Take the time to find out what self-care practices that benefit you. I am still discovering and will always be learning and finding new ways of making sure that I am taking care of this one body, mind and soul.

What are some of your self-care practices? Do you like walking, running, taking a long lingering bath, sitting in your bedroom and reading?

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .


5 thoughts on “How Self-Care Can Help Writing

  1. You certainly have acquired excellent strategies over the years, that’s for sure. Finding what works is very personal. It’s super that you’ve discovered what works for you.

    I’m making more of an effort to embrace meditation and also to take time for a leisurely bath experience.

    Thanks so much for sharing your balancing methods. A happy writer is more productive from my perspective.

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