What Does Baseball Have To Do With Writing?

Wasn’t it a few weeks ago I was saying how much I like my little writing routine which trickles into my work life? I like getting up early to write morning pages and I don’t mind going to bed early because I know I’ll be up early as sleep is important to our health. It is important for those times when you stay up all night writing.

My husband and I were on vacation last week. We went to Seattle for three baseball games, Mariners vs. Boston Red Sox. My husband and his family (minus his brother who is a Yankees fan) are Red Sox fans. When he was growing up in New Brunswick, it wasn’t anything for them to drive to Boston for a weekend to see a few games. I have known my husband for fifteen years and when the Red Sox are close to wherever we are, we are heading to the game(s). We try to go to Seattle each year to experience at least one of the games. This year we decided to go to all three games. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.

Our road trip started at the Coho ferry in Victoria, BC. It is about an hour and a half to Port Angeles and then another hour and a half drive to Bremerton, where we decided to stay this trip. We have stayed in various areas of Seattle and we would have stayed in the city again, but hotel prices were a little high for us. Even as a hotelier I couldn’t justify paying $250 US each night, ouch! We paid $130 Canadian a night at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Bremerton, a four-minute walk to the ferries over to Seattle, score!

I love taking the ferry anywhere. I love being on the water, the whole experience is meditative for me. I am also able to write on the ferry without many distractions. Adam will either fall asleep or read a magazine and doze off as I concentrate on writing. There is something about travel, being on the ocean or near the ocean that gets my creative juices flowing.

There is a new fast ferry from Bremerton to Seattle, Kitsap Transit, it was free for the month of July as a test project. The ferry runs three times in the morning and then three times in the afternoon. It was a great option for us on the way over to Seattle and it is only a 35-minute ride. On the way back we took the Washington State Ferry, also a great trip but up to an hour and fifteen minutes per trip. On the second night of the baseball game the last ferry leaves at 12:50 am, which we took because the games went into 13 innings, it was a long evening, however everyone on the ferry was coming from the game so we were in the same boat (sorry for the pun) of a late night and a disappointing ending to the game. The Red Sox lost.

                                                 My hubby and I at Safeco Field

The last game on Wednesday was an afternoon game. I should mention that the two games prior were in the evening and as busy as the afternoon game. Boston Red Sox fans were out in full force. Fans came from all over. We sat next to a family of six, three generations of fans from Portland and Texas, I didn’t realize how dedicated fans were. Mariner fans were amazed that we were Canadian and were Red Sox fans, they didn’t understand why we’re not Blue Jay Fans, I don’t understand either until I started really watching the games. Over the years I’ve heard my husband and his friends and family discuss the game and I’ve tried to pay attention to other live games I’ve attended. I watched the players in a different light this time. I saw how passionate the players were about what they were doing. They were playing their favourite sport and getting paid for their passion. Each player is unique and fans put their faith into each player and the entire team organization, it’s a concept that I never thought about.

Like baseball, writing is the same for me and for many of you. We put our heart and souls into the words we put down on the page. We have faith in creativity and ourselves that we are writing with purpose. I know this to be true for me. At the moment I don’t get paid for my passion and that’s okay. I write for the pure joy of the process. I write because creativity chose me and my passion is to share with you the processes, trial and errors and joys of writing. I’m so grateful for our experience in Bremerton and Seattle this year – what a great vacation to watch passions unfold as they are meant to be.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .



5 thoughts on “What Does Baseball Have To Do With Writing?

  1. Yes. Writing is all about the passion. Without it, we wouldn’t embrace the page. Thanks for sharing your exciting trip.
    I love traveling on ferries for the opportunity to people watch. Sounds like you enjoyed a great holiday!

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  2. Hi Marion Ann
    Thanks for the inspiring post. My favorite line, ” I’ll be up early and sleep is important to our health. It is important for those times when you stay up all night writing.” Funny but so true.
    Welcome home.

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  3. I’m not a big sport fan and organized sports has never been big in my family, but I know many who are. Like you, when I listen to them talking about different plays and the players it opens up a new world to me. And unless you🤠


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