How to get unfrazzled

Lately life has become a little hectic, I’m not usually one to share that I’m possibly feeling a bit frazzled, however, I’ve been feeling a bit, well, frazzled.

When I start to work on my true self, she, the little girl within who has the knowing what is needed to be happy wants to come out and play. She wants to do cartwheels in the rain, make mud pies, play hide-and-seek and write stories all day – and so do I! I have been on a few silent meditation retreats that have provided some deep spiritual awakening, more like harsh reminders to get my ego out of my ass and remember what life is about, and what is life about? Experiencing the experience, being right here and now and the one thing that grounds me so fast that it makes your head spin is being here on the page. I am aware of this, you are aware of this, so if we are aware, then why do we let ourselves, our life stuff, get in the way?

Where I work, I am the one talking to employees  about the importance of a work-life balance. Life is not all about working 40 hours a week (though I rely on many of my team members to work a full 40 hours a week to keep the business going), and if you are working full-time hours then make the time to do things that make you smile and shine. It’s funny how I can preach this to make sure that everyone else is okay, but lately I haven’t been the best at practicing this very important life management skill.

There are a few ways to get yourself on track or at least a step in the right direction. Ask yourself, what is the one thing that you have a real passion for? I mean dig deep and ask if there was no holding back due to fear, money, or whatever obstacles you can think of, what would you do? Then every day do something for that passion to get you one step closer to the life you have envisioned for yourself. If you are passionate about walking dogs but you can’t have a dog because of where you live or your partner is allergic, then take the step to volunteer at the SPCA, ask a friend with a dog if you can walk their dog, I’m sure they will appreciate it. Once you have put it out to the universe that you want to walk dogs, watch out, you’ll be walking dogs.

                                 Dog Walker by Lelpel

My passion is writing, to share with you, to really put it all on the page, raw emotions and all. Sometimes I hold back and keep everyone at an arm’s length and that’s why I intend to write everyday, I am one word closer to breaking down that wall that has been built by my ego and all its idiotic fears of who-knows-why! If I’m not writing or working on writing then I feel myself quickly curl into a ball of negativity and I’m no use to anyone. I am aware of this. I am also aware if I’m not working as hard on my passion you better believe someone else is working that much harder to gain knowledge of their passion and guess whose left in the dust? Ego, me and I.

What you choose to focus on becomes your reality.

About six years ago when I said I wanted to write and get paid for my writing a few weeks later I bumped into a woman who I helped with creating a workshop with and she was starting an on-line women’s magazine the material would be about health, wellness, spiritual, connecting and over all Wise Women. I shared that I was available to help write and within a month I was hired as a freelance writer for her magazine. I didn’t get paid a lot but I was getting money in exchange for the talent I had been provided with, how cool was that?!

I’m not saying it’s as easy as saying, hey universe I want a million dollars. Okay, how are you going to work for that millions dollars? You can’t just sit around all day saying you want something and don’t work for it. You have to work for it. It’s that simple, but it is hard work. No one ever said anything came on a silver platter. That is why I have to commit to being here on the page every day, or at least be with creativity and if that means working on my email list or researching for a character, I’m working for my passion and that’s what matters.

Let me know if you need help with getting started with your passion. I’m here to help, bounce ideas off, have some fun.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .




5 thoughts on “How to get unfrazzled

  1. A great post.
    I find myself watching myself trying to get closer and closer to the truth on the page. I stop. I laugh. The realization of how far I have to go seeps into my being. And then I write some more.
    I’m so glad to know you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jo-Ann,
      Every word we put down is one step closer to the truth. Sometimes I’m at an arms length and sometimes my nose is grinding on every word. The creative process is an interesting journey.

      Liked by 1 person

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