When The Timer Dings: a look at our life management skills

Life is messy. You’ll be scrapping that beautiful plan and reshapping it for one reason or another. Our purpose should never be to force ourselves to use tools that don’t work but to constantly make adjustments and grow. ~ When the Timer Dings

Katharine Grubb’s, When The Time Dings; Organizing your life to make the most of 10 minute increments is a delightful and creative book not only about life management but how to maintain your creative life. Basically, it comes down to being honest what is important to you, what do you value and what do you want to be spending your time on and how are we are able to spend the time we want to on our passions. When the Timer Dings has stirred up a few skeletons in my closet and I’m ready to get up and work!

Katharine hooks me in from the very first sentence. My to-do list is long. It taunts me.  

I am also tormented by my ever-growing to-do list in life and my full-time job. I usually tell people when they ask ‘what do I do?’ I tell them ‘I’m a writer who happens to work as a manager at a hotel’ Thank’s to Scarface, I have changed my mindset on who I really am. I am not a hotelier by nature but I am good at what I do and I enjoy helping people. This is also true for my writing. But this is not about me, this is about Katharine’s witty, intelligent life management book.

When The Timer Dings is filled with engaging stories of Katharine’s life and how to make the most out of 10 minute increments. The book won’t tell you how to be more productive, but asks why – what is it that makes you want to be more successful? She has cleverly crafted exercises at the end of each chapter that push us our of our comfort zones:

  1. Do you see a separation between what’s most important to you and what you’re actually doing with your time? Are you satisfied with your productivity on a daily basis? Do you think that the things you are getting done are really the things that you value or not?

And these are only the first questions of the first exercise, I wasn’t sure if I could keep reading if I had to take real hard look at my productivity because deep down I know I needed to shift gears and work on my inefficiencies. These are some tough questions and I did answer them honestly even if I didn’t like what I wrote down and stared at the rawness of truth. I was ready to read on and work out the kinks in my life management skills. Just sit down and write, that was and is my truth, so that’s what I did, that’ is what I am doing.

I have to share that I agreed to read this book for an honest review. I happily accepted because I love Katharine’s Facebook Page, 10 Minute Novelists, and how I needed to read this book to shake up my foggy complacent ego and let the creative being take over, even if it’s for 10 minute increments, it’s 10 minutes of productivity I didn’t take advantage of if I was still sitting on the sofa binge watching House of Cards, Season 5. Oh how The Underwood saga can suck you in – then I think, hey I want my writing to do the same thing, so why am I not working on what I love? All great questions and barriers that Katharine helps us with during When the Timer Dings.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .(every 10 minutes)


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