Practicing Patience

the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Patience is something I’ve been working on possibly majority of my life time. I’m pretty tolerant most of the time, and it’s not tolerant per-say, it’s just me going with the flow, and while others huff at the person in the grocery line counting out their exact change, I’m practicing eyes open meditation and witnessing human behaviour. I’ve been told I’m grounded and have a calming presence. This is my true self, however my serene composition changed during our move.

We had our services moved to our new home, and the internet was to be changed over on Monday between 9am – 6pm, the technician would graciously call to say when they would be arriving. Thanks. I went about my day and by 2:00pm they showed up to do a five-minute job and when I tested the wi-fi I shared it wasn’t working. Now, I should share I have a third-party internet service that Telus happens to partner with. The technician said, I don’t know much about this third-party set up you’ll have to call them, I’ve done my job, it shows that there is internet, sorry. Ummmm, that was not cool. I asked him to test it further and I would call the internet provider to see if they could help, a 45-minute wait time, yeah, you can see my grounded self fizzle away.

I witness the ego try to flip out and make a fuss to get something, but I don’t have any control over the internet or what is or is not to be done. I’m not a technician, I’m reliant on the experts as people count on me at the hotel life because I’m experienced at certain things I do. So, what did I do during one conversation with a very nice man on the other end trying to help me and then he says, ‘it’s Telus who needs to fix the problem, everything is working order on our end.’ My alter ego, Sis, who I describe as my sassy-pseudo guardian angel, flies off the handle. I tell this service technician that I can’t see over the phone that we are not happy with either service and it shouldn’t be taking now two days to figure out this technical hiccup. My tone was stern and I felt my true self shutter with disappointment as I spouted off to someone who is only doing their job.

By Wednesday evening my husband had enough dealing with the he-said,she-said conversation with the internet provider and cancelled the service and signed up with another internet service provider. No one offered any deals to stay, no apologies, nothing. We will need to wait until Monday afternoon to have someone stop by the house to hook up the internet between 2-4, a much better time frame and my husband said the service technicians were very apologetic for the internet not working and were sorry they couldn’t come sooner. We made the right decision to move on with the new provider.

Now, a week without internet services and though it is annoying I can’t update certain things on my laptop, it’s been okay to be unexpectedly unplugged. We, my husband and I, have been listening to our favourite CBC radio shows while we unpack boxes and create the space in our new home. It may not be convenient for us not have access to Netflix or get lost in scrolling on Twitter or check our emails every so often. It is interesting to stand back and watch the ego try to take control when it can not. The true self steps up and takes a deep and breath and I, exhale.

Until Next time, keep on typing.


4 thoughts on “Practicing Patience

  1. Wow! What an ordeal! And a great reminder that some folks aren’t involved with the internet at all.

    I love listening to CBC. It’s a pleasant way to follow programmes that don’t appear anywhere else.

    When we spent time in the Baja we weren’t connected to the outside world – except for once a day we listened to As it Happens’ from Canada on a radio set. It was a lovely reminder of home.

    Congrats on the move. Hope you’ll have many happy days there.

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  2. A weeeeeeek!
    Oh my goodness that’s a long time. My heart goes out to you. Seriously, we are all so interconnected, it’s hard to be stalled for that long.
    On the good side, I love your house and CBC. And you will get connected again.
    I’m visualizing you all set up. It’s a good image.
    all the best,

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    1. Thank you Jo-Ann. It was an interesting time. This afternoon the new internet was hooked up and connected within five minutes of install. A sigh of relief 🙂
      My writing space is coming along – a few more touches and I think I’ll be there.
      Have a great day!

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