How I survived the A to Z Challenge

This years A to Z challenge, where you write a blog a day for the month of April using the alphabet is now complete for this year. Much like last year I joined the day of the challenge, no theme revealed a month prior, no thought into what I was going to write about, I was knee-deep in the hotel life and working on revisions on my latest work in progress. I only thought about the challenge because I was focused on how to share my blog with more people. Then I as on a run on April 1st and without any distractions I was able to remember the writing challenge. Running does that for me, no thoughts, just me and the road. Much like writing I have a clear mind to focus on what matters.

I had no idea what I was going to write about. My first two blogs were posted and a friend of mine suggested I write about something I haven’t written about before. I’m passionate about writing about writing and can get hung up on the topic, but I believe it’s important to discuss, to share our experiences, to let every writer out there know it’s okay to have those days where you can’t seem to get yourself to the page even though your creative self is crying out to get the words down. No one ever said being a writer was easy.

Like my muse, my friend has been whispering in my ear for years to write about something I haven’t shared and now it was coming to the forefront. I was working on my work in progress which is a hotel memoir series of working in Luxury Hotels and Resorts in the Canadian Rockies. Why not write about my hotel life? The light bulb was now on and I shook my head thinking, why didn’t I think of that before?


Then came the actual writing. I sat down and plotted each letter, how was I going to thread my hotel life with this challenge. Once I got started it all came to me and I sat down and wrote at least three posts in one day for the upcoming week. I would write the last two posts for the week during the work week, and usually when I work at the hotel, I don’t feel like doing much after work. There were some days that I wanted to come home, lay down and hope the hardwood floors would swallow me whole. My job isn’t necessarily difficult, but it is emotionally draining from time to time and sometimes the last thing I want to do is dig deeper for more emotions to write. But I did. I wasn’t going to let the hotel life take over my creative life and this was the other thing that became more clear to me. They are one in the same, the hotel life and my creative life.

I knew that my two worlds were linked but I didn’t really want to look at it on a bigger picture, but guess what? During this challenge I was lead down a path to see that my creative self grew as did in my hotel life. Each new hotel was a chance to reinvent myself, to get the balanced life I had craved for. I was working towards my passion of writing and through each new experience I was getting closer to the version of myself that I knew was there. I just needed to let it unfold when it was good and ready.

This years A to Z challenge for me was a great experience. Each post pushed me closer to the other side of creativity, where I have no fear, where I’m not keeping anyone, especially myself at an arms length. I’m letting down my walls and wanting to share more and more. Isn’t that what creativity is about, to learn, to share, to be.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .


4 thoughts on “How I survived the A to Z Challenge

  1. Congratulations on completing the A to Z Challenge. I didn’t compete in it this year because there was so much going on in my personal life, and I had so much trouble coming up with topics. And I didn’t follow a lot of bloggers doing the challenge. It wasn’t a thought, to be honest. But I enjoyed your posts on the hotel life and it correlates with your creative life. Good luck with your memoir.

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