Yearning: a feeling of intense longing for something.
he felt a yearning for the mountains~
What do you yearn for? As you can tell I have a very intense longing to write, to share what creativity wants to share with me, to work with me. I long for creativity as much as creativity desires to work with someone and I am grateful it has chosen me.
I know I trying to keep on track with my theme of the hotel life this year and I as I have shared before and will again, everything happens for a reason. My deep sense of yearning to create has guided me along this path to the hotel life for a reason. I had to learn a few things and I’m still learning, growing, being. The hotel life has fulfilled some of the things that I longed for. When I was younger it was to get out of my parent’s house, experience new and different things, travel, fall in love, write about falling in love, write about the experiences I’ve been graciously provided.
I have been blessed with experiencing great adventures, I’ve fallen in love, gotten my heart-broken only to move forward and connect with my soul mate. The theme that threaded together the stories of my life has been hotels and writing. Wherever I’ve been there has been a place to stay that has given me the inspiration to write.
The sense of longing is within all of us. Deep down we have this knowing, this sense of ‘wow, I’ve gotta try that’ and once you start in motion, there is no turning back. I know for me when I started to sever, I had this sense of wanting to share my experiences. How could I teach my techniques of how to serve with less stress? I wanted to teach? What that little niggle was a deep seeded craving of wanting to help people and not just serving dinner to people, it was bigger than that. A year later I was on the banquet training team, I was training new servers which put me on the path of what I really wanted to do. To coach and mentor people in the service industry, what I didn’t know what this path of becoming a trainer was going to lead me to what I really wanted to be doing. I use to say ‘we are already there, we are just catching up to it.’
I yearned to write and bring people together that wanted to write and to share our experiences to help one another grow as writers. I had many versions of this idea show up until I was able to bring people together at the right place and time. I still dream of running writing retreats for people from all around to join together and write. I am working on this, I’m already there, I’m just catching up to it.
Until next time, Keep on typing. . . .

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