I know it’s not the traditional way of spelling of xtraordinary but I’m scraping at the bottom of the barrel for an idea for the letter X. Last year I wrote about xylophones and I didn’t really know anything about them.

Xtraordinary has been used by many businesses as a marketing tool, which is cleaver. To keep in line with my hotel life theme, I have, and many of my colleagues, have provided remarkable guest service has been provided to thousands of people over the years.

When I first started serving at the luxury hotel, we were given the tools to do our job and follow the standards of the hotel on providing the best possible guest service ever.  The hotel on top of a mountain in a unique setting was not enough, people had to feel like they were being pampered, no matter what. That was when I learned that I always had to be “on”, I had to smile like a fool even if I was having the worst day. It didn’t matter about me, it was about the guest. This was before the awareness of work-life balance. I didn’t mind, I wanted to be part of the guests great experience during their vacation. I always thought if it were me sitting at the table and being served, I would want the best service possible.

The sales team at the hotel was amazing and provided extraordinary services. One wedding I didn’t get the privilege to assist with made me shake my head and say, yeah we are on another level here. My friend who did work the event was in awe. The couple wanted to get married at the little beehive, it’s about a 9km hike to the area. This was late September, so it wasn’t as warm and as you get higher in elevation, the temperature drops. So, up they went, couple, two servers, a chef and a justice of the peace. Everyone had a backpack filled with wedding supplies; champagne flutes, Coleman stove to prepare appetizers for their small intimate reception with the servers and justice of peace, cameras, change of warmer clothes. No fancy wedding dress or tuxedo which I thought would have been over the top if they pulled that off. My friends shared, they arrived, quickly set up the altar, they said their I-do’s, took some amazing pictures, drank champagne had some warm food, cleaned up and hiked back down and headed to one of the dining rooms to celebrate their wedding. That blew me away – I loved that we did everything we could to help with such a special day.

When I worked at another property in Jasper, we had a group that pretty much bought out the resort for up to three days. One year during one of their golf tournaments, there were ice-carved bars at every other hole with their choice of beer, wine or high balls. I knew I was on my way to seeing more levels of xtraordinary service.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

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