I am Writer

I am a writer who happens to work in the hotel world. I may have written about these details before but I’m pretty committed to sharing about my writing life. Writing has always been in me. I am aware that creativity has chosen me to work with and sometimes I have failed to not show up, I have chosen to slip deep into the hotel life, partaking in the drama that is connected with the hotel world, sometimes it’s all I can do to hang on from falling into old familiar patterns. All I want to do is be with creativity, to write the stories that have been shared with me, little whispers of characters, glimpses of places and situations that have a story, I am the one that has been chosen to tell the that possible dirty little secret or heart warming romance, scare the hell out of you thriller. It doesn’t matter to me, I’m my truest self when I’m here on the page and everything else can all fall around me.

I am writer who happens to have been chosen to work in the hotel world to gain experiences to share. I have seen some things that no longer make me think, what the hell are they thinking? Or, is this really happening? Yes, every situation, every guest interaction is happening right in front of my eyes and I get the privilege to share those moments with you. I get to share the most spectacular moments of human connection or down right idiotic conditions that really make me shake my head. I witnessed a man who looked civilized enough argue with the front desk agents that he did not sign his dinner to his room and he was very adamant he paid for it with cash. He was at a point where I usually step in to ask him to sit quietly in the lobby while we investigate his concerns. But, once the front desk was able to show him the signed bill that he indeed did sign he could not stop being wrong, he barked, ‘fine just leave it and charge my credit card.’ And walked away. He’d rather show face then apologize for his inappropriate out burst of unacceptable behavior towards an employee. Little did he know once he left, the others guests who witnessed this situation shared their apologies for this man who was acting like and ass. They shared to the front desk they hope they don’t’ take it personally and continued to give nothing but praises to the hotel and employees.

I am writer who witnesses a lot and will share moments that may help others learn and grow and for the pure joy of writing and sharing. I am writer who knows what she wants to write about and also happy to share whatever creativity is happen to show me. Bring it on, I’m ready!

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .


2 thoughts on “I am Writer

  1. Great post, Marion. I like the reassurance you give. It says to me that no matter whatever else is going on, we have a calling to write. And it is through the experiences of everyday life that can ignite our creativity.

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