The 3 R’s – Refresh, Renew, Restart

I’m not feeling well today. I caught the spring time cold that has been going around the hotel. One person gets it and bam, it runs rapid through each department causing a bit of stress due to filling in shifts due to illness. This is not meant to be about sickness, it is about what spring time brings us – refresh, renew, restart. Spring is a fresh and new season filled with change and sense of newness. There are new baby birds in a nest in the red maple tree chirping away outside my writing window. Their songs calm me and fill me joy. This cold has given me the time to reflect on what I have accomplished in the past few months and what I will renew for this Spring.

Much like the hotel life, creativity has chosen me. The message I have been given is no accident – the ideas that I’ve been given deserves to be shared. I had the sense that I wanted to be of service and going into the hospitality world seemed like it was the best avenue to fulfill that urge to help people. I knew there was being of service within church, but me and my ego had a conflict with religion at the time, so when I had the opportunity to work across the country from Nova Scotia at a luxury resort on top of a mountain in the Canadian Rockies – I found a different kind of religion. Nature. I also had a renewal of love for creativity. Not that I wasn’t aware of my creativity, it’s always been there, waiting for me to be ready.

As I review the past few months I am very grateful for the time I’ve been given to finish one memoir of a three memoir series. I’m grateful for the story ideas that linger around waiting to be written. I jot down notes and will be back to write what needs to be shared. Creativity is so ready to get going and wants to work through me. Much like writing, the hotel life has kept me around for a reason. As I was a work today, under the weather, I was still able to witness the odd behaviour of people – I’m grateful for encounters, I collect characters along the way as a renewal of my love of creativity. What are you renewing this Spring? Any themes that keep showing up that you can’t ignore any longer? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

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