P is for Play Time

We all need play time in our life. The little girl or boy inside us is itching to have some fun. In the hotel life, especially when working at a resort where you live only steps away from the where you work, you need time off to play, let go of the stresses of work and do something that makes you smile.

When I worked for two different luxury hotel properties within the Canadian Rockies, play time was mainly skiing, hiking, white water rafting, camping, pretty much anything to get away from the hotel/resort. Guests that came to visit the luxury resorts would say ‘oh you must feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, how can you get sick of the view, the ski hill, etc…’ Yes, I was so very fortunate to live and work in two of the most stunning areas of the Canadian Rockies, and yes, there is a but. Sometimes, you wake up at five in the morning to rush to your five thirty start to serve the very same guests you served dinner the night before. Then on your days off when you want to go for a quick hike you bump into the same guests and you are still a representative of the hotel so you can’t turn off the light switch of customer service when all you really want to do is walk by quickly, with head down so they don’t recognize you. So when it comes to play time, we would go to another small town in the Banff National Park area and go for hikes where no one else knew us.

In the winter, play time was on the ski hill, we would ski for hours, run after run, in deep powder, on top of the world with no cares and never bumping into one guest. This was pure bliss and play time for us. For me I was drawn to cross-country skiing where I could go on a trail that took me deep into the trees along Moraine Lake on moon light nights. What joy. Sure, I like the thrill of rushing down the ski hill, but I’ll take the slow lingering moments while cross-country skiing.

It’s important to give yourself some play time, give yourself a break from the routine that keeps you afloat. Get out side and have some fun!

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

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