M is for Moving

I’m use to moving around a lot. I’m use to people coming and going in my life. This made it easy for me to deal with the ever revolving door of people who I have dealt with and deal with in the hotel life. Moving around has made it easy to pick up and transfer to another hotel within the hotel chain I use to work for. It made it easy for me to move from hotel to hotel as I broadened my experiences with in the hospitality world.

My mother moved me around a lot when I was younger. I’m an only child, so I find myself saying, me or I a lot. My dad was in the military and you would think we moved around because of his career choice, but that was not the case. I love my mother, however she was easily annoyed by people, once we moved from one great townhouse to another because she didn’t like living on the end unit closest to the street, it was too noisy for her. This is what I remember, it could have been for a completely different reason, but in this moment I’ll keep that memory in the filing cabinet to be reviewed at a later time.

Working for a luxury hotel chain has its perks, one of them being able to transfer to another hotel within the chain. I was very fortunate to experience four different properties in a short ten years. When I was ready to leave Lake Louise, I transferred to Jasper, AB, that is where my hotel career started to really develop. I was provided with so many opportunities. I look back and count every lucky star.

I left Jasper to try my hand in the big city, Calgary. Not only did I move locations, but I changed departments, I left the food and beverage world to the front office life. Serving guest wine is much different from talking to them on the phone or checking them in. I latest less than a year, but it wasn’t because I couldn’t handle the job, it was over a guy, and that is a different story to be told later. I was lucky to move back to Jasper and stayed in the front office department which gave me the experience to move to Edmonton as a Front Office Supervisor/Duty Manager. As I write these memories of my time in the Canadian Rockies and major cities in Alberta I can’t remember once thinking, what the hell am I thinking? I moved swiftly like the fresh powder on Lake Louise and the Bow River that ran through two Alberta cities. Am I still moving? Yes, I have and I will continue to move towards the next chapter in life.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

2 thoughts on “M is for Moving

  1. Geraint Isitt

    You’ve covered my home province of Alberta quite nicely. I can probably name your hotel chain … stayed in all of them. My mum worked for them as well. Got great deals in Lake Louise as a result. I seem to have saved my moving/travelling for my adult years.

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