L is for Long Service

Long Service within the workplace: relating to a situation in which someone has worked for a particular organization for a long time. (Some definitions say 20 years or more)

I’ve been in the hospitality business for over twenty years and it only feels like yesterday when I accepted my first job at McDonald’s. I haven’t been at one particular organization for over twenty years, but I know of people who are and we both are dedicated to the hotel world, just in different ways. When I worked for CP Hotels, now Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, there were long service acknowledgements for employees celebration their long service starting at five years. It didn’t matter that you worked at different hotels within the chain, they were honoring your years of service and still do. I think if you are loyal to one organization for five years or more, that is considered long service.

Currently, where I work, we have long service awards for anyone celebrating their five years with us and every five-year milestone after that. This year we have an employee celebrating her fortieth year at the hotel. She has seen a lot and has some stories to tell. When I share this employees loyalty to the hotel, people give me a few reactions. One being, wow that speaks volumes about your employee retention (they really want to ask: what do you do to keep people for that long?), then I get the look of despair from potential new candidates, really? Forty years in the same position? Much like my thoughts about being a lifer in the serving world, that daunting thought has disappeared and I celebrate my journey in the hotel world!

When I started to serve in the luxury hotel in the Canadian Rockies, I heard the term, lifer. It simply meant that we called the people who had stayed on top of the mountain top resort for many years, a lifer. I was not going to become someone who would be serving tables for the rest of my life, or be in the hotel world for much longer. What’s that saying, Never say Never? I went to Lake Louise one summer to bus tables and gain more life experience, that was for five months – twenty plus years later, I may not be at the same property or even hotel chain, but I am in the hotel world just the same. Much like my writing, I have a commitment and will continue to be of service of others in whatever capacity that may be.

Until Next time, keep on typing. . . .


One thought on “L is for Long Service

  1. Geraint Isitt

    My dad worked at his job for nearly 40 years. And that was just in Canada. My longest so far is 8 years, but in the profession I am in now my last two have been 5 years, including my current one. There is something to be said for longevity.

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