J is for Jumping

Some guests at a hotel can be a bit difficult and have us jumping at their beck and call. I have had my share of down right are you kidding me moments with the requests and odd behavior from guests.

When I was a server and a guest was not happy with their meal I was quick to jump and give the guest a free desert or a discount on their meal. The dining room manager or chef didn’t want a bad review. Really what did it cost to give a free piece of cake for dessert or turn a blind eye at the glass of wine they may suggest I offer and not account for it in the inventory. (Yeah, that happened once or twice. A night) It was in the day where people would bully their way out of paying for things if they were not getting the level of experience they were use to or perceived they were entitled too. Oh, wait, that still happens today.

When I moved from the food and beverage department to the front office department, I started as a royal service agent, basically a glorified hotel operator. There were four of us in the a small room with no windows and poor lightning. We were hidden from the rest of the departments but we had a lot of experience. If a guest called for a reservation we would transfer the call to the right person, pretty simple? Yes, at times. If a guest called for a reservation at a restaurant outside the hotel we helped them. Once a guest called me to ask if someone could go out and buy them nylons because she didn’t want to go out in the rain. She was on the Gold Floor, so her thought was if she as paying more she could have a personal assistant. I ended up going to the Bay and getting her nylons. Not one thank-you, just a smirk through the crack of the door as I slipped the nylons to her, like it was some kind of secret transaction.

It’s about making sure everyone is getting the same level of great service. There are still moments that we are being more alert with certain guests, but nothing like going to get nylons for guests because they don’t want to go outside in the rain. There seems to be an understanding with guests and if they want a high level of service then they will stay at those hotels that provide those certain things that no one questions. My only request is if you are used to luxury style hotels and you end up in a hotel that is not part of a chain or is a trendy boutique hotel, don’t expect it and don’t yell at the front desk agents because you get fuzzy slippers at one place and not at another. Like people, not all hotels are the same.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

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