A is for Appreciation

I was on my morning run and stopped in my tracks and said out loud, Crap! I totally forgot about the A to Z challenge! I continued my run and thought if I could pull off this years blogging challenge, where you basically write a blog a day, except on Sunday’s, starting with the letter A, and going through the month of April posting your way through the alphabet. I decided I would do this challenge last year while we were traveling from Oregon back to Vancouver Island. I wrote my first five blogs on the ferry and felt so full of inspiration.

This year, as I have mentioned has started off in a  totally opposite direction. I totally forgot about the challenge and honestly I feel a bit overwhelmed with the idea of trying to write a weeks worth of blogs so I’m not scrambling to post every day. Then I kicked my ego to the curb and as I walked to meet my friend Jacqui Nelson, I thought of my first two blogs. I appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds me. When I spend time outside and walking in silence it brings me clarity. Note to self, get outside more often.

I appreciate the A to Z blog challenge. I have such an appreciation for creativity and I am committed to spend as much time with creativity and the craft of writing.

Yes, I have revisions to complete and other writing commitments to work on, however, I am drawn to this blogging challenge, which I will refer to as an opportunity. It is an opportunity to explore my writing style, use different voices and have some fun.

I hope you can join me on my A to Z blogging challenge and maybe you can start writing a little more each day, even ten minutes a day is better than no time spent with your passion.

Here’s to a great month of writing!

Until next time, keep on typing….



3 thoughts on “A is for Appreciation

  1. I forget every year!! I’m super excited to be participating this year, and the best part has been finding other bloggers in an entire new community, the #atozchallenge gang! 😉 Like you I’m just going to do the best I can, not stress on if I miss a day, the point is to motivate myself with fun writing and challenges, not to overwhelm myself. Right? So here’s to a successful month of writing!

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