When I’m in my flow I can…

Let’s get back to the writing prompts. I’ve been knee-deep in revisions and trying to find a place to live. The rental market in Victoria, BC is down right horrific. I don’t usually display my dark feelings so randomly, however I’m feeling the pressure of moving without any glimpses of hope. Deep down I know everything will unfold naturally as it will, but damn! It’s hard being patient while floating around in limbo land.

So to keep me in check and to listen as creativity is whispering sweet stories in my ear, I have picked up my writing prompt cards that I bought from Danielle Pope, a lovely woman who is a great inspiration in her commitment to creativity.

The writing prompt cards shares: When I’m In My Flow I Can… (Write for 10 minutes – write in poetic point form, list it out) I’m going to hit the timer and let the words flow across the page as this is my gut feeling.

When I’m in my flow I can do anything. I sit down at my laptop and sometimes it takes a bit to settle into the flow of things. I fidget with my pens and note pads on my desk, I straighten and re-straighten books that are piled on the floor next to my desk. I stare out the window and watch the grey squirrel run across the neighbors fence. It stops and looks around, what it sees I am not sure. It scurries off again. I look back at my laptop and I put my fingers to the keyboard and feel the flow of the words emerging. These days I am working on revisions for my WIP, but I am very aware of the stories that are lingering around within me, waiting to be written. As I am revising a chapter about the time my friend and I were canoeing at Lake Louise I remember when I sat in the canoe, and a story came to me in  a blink of an eye.

What if there are lake creatures living deep down in the frigid lake bottom? Are they friendly, could they be mermaids, how did they get here, how do they survive, maybe they take people from the canoes, but that’s not right we would have heard about mysterious people disappearing. Well that can happen, it’s a story that’s the beauty of it, make it all up the entire world of mermaids or a versions of mermaids that somehow live in the bottom of the lake. Did the founder of Lake Louise, Tom Wilson, maybe know about the magical creatures, did the person that told him about the lake in the last 1800’s know there was a mysterious energy about the lake and that’s why he told Tom about the lake, did the creatures need food and they prey on humans? What’s the story behind the lake?

All of this came to me as I’m sitting in a canoe facing the Victoria Glacier as my friend is softly paddling us around the lake and I’m gliding my finger tips along the glacier fed lake that hundred of millions of people have visited. Of course the sea creatures could feed off humans, but only people who have bad energy, the magical entities only want positive energy for the earth.

I am in the flow. I can see clearly that I was where I needed to be at that time and place, being idle, letting the creativity have fun. When I am writing, I am in the flow of the here and now.

The timer has stopped and I’m filled with excitements about remembering a moment that sparked my imagination. For this I am truly grateful

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

One thought on “When I’m in my flow I can…

  1. Entering into the ‘flow’ is a magical gift. How wonderful that you allow yourself to create that moment so you can touch your muse.

    Plus, when you’re in that zone, your mind is clear and refreshed and at rest.

    For myself, I like to see into the ‘bottom’ of the water. So, when we were in Peru, and visiting cenotes, and the water was purple, verging on black, I found it very unsettling. I didn’t want to fall in. Oh no. Not at all. I used that ‘fear factor’ in my third YA book. The image came back to haunt me.

    Hang in there Marion Ann!

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