Making Space for the Unknown

It’s been a creative week. I left the mini-marketing/writing gathering last week filled with enthusiasm and joy. I didn’t really have to tell myself that I had to hold onto the feeling, I just knew that what I was feeling, the pure awareness of the true self wanted to stay a front, to use her voice and you know what? I stepped aside and went with the flow.

My partner and I have been looking for a new place to live as you know we have been given notice so that our landlords son can move into the condo now. I have gotten over the grief of it all now, I went through all the stages, anger, sadness, and now I’ve moved onto the let’s-get-the-next-chapters-of-our-lives-going stage.             I’ve been ready to make space for what is to come. However the truth of it all is a bit frustrating. Victoria, BC, much like other major cities, is in this housing bubble where it is very difficult to find a place to rent. There are many places for rent but when you make an appointment to view a place you show up and the landlords have already rented it or are just showing it to see who is going to offer them cash on the spot to ensure they have a place to live. Or the pictures on the Craigslist add are slightly not what you is in reality or ten people show up to a showing and it’s basically a crap shoot who is going to get chosen. It’s very disheartening. What I am grateful for is our friends who are looking out for us, calling, texting, sharing with me places they have seen on their way to work, word of mouth, just a heads up. It’s all very comforting.

Faith is your best buddy when you’re scared shitless – Jenn Sincero

I have been packing up my books and cleaning out closets to make space for the new. This is to say that I am ready to leave this place and move into a new place, a safe and welcoming home that will help us get to where we are going. Sure I have fear pop up and say hello from time to time, but I’m okay. I have faith and trust in the universe that all will be as it should.

Then creativity shows up and whispers, don’t forget about me. How could I? I can never forget my creativity, she is right here with me. In the middle of what seems to be a daunting time, I have to carry on, I go to the hotel life and do my job. I hosted a first aid class during the week and without warning, like most of the time, creativity was there waiting for me. Our instructor was this amazing human being who said one line and creativity pointed feverishly like a little kid, did you hear that, that’s golden, he’s your Broc, he’s your Paris story! Get writing! In one moment I knew my story that I was given over a month ago was now falling into place. I watched our first aid instructor all day and made mental notes while learning how to save someones life. It was a very abundant and grateful day. Creativity is everywhere, it’s our job to pay attention and write it all down.

With change comes insight. I’m embracing the shift and taking one step at a time, I’m trusting that I am being led in the best direction that is meant for me.

Have you been faced with an unexpected change? How are you managing? Know that I am here to support you, I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .


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