Painting by Laurie Pace

Another week has come and gone. I feel like time is slipping by quickly and I wonder if anyone else feels the same? I honestly didn’t take any time during the week to write beyond my morning pages and I was aware of my mood. When I don’t write or work towards my passion I am aware of how my energy changes, my actions reflect the lack of motivation I have for anything. I end up living the routine to just get through the day and that doesn’t do anyone any good.

Then in one moment I am reminded of my passion and that writing is always a part of my life.


Friends of mine were staying at the hotel I work for and they were traveling with friends. When they stopped in to say hi I was thrilled to see them. As my friend introduced me to their friends she said “Marion Ann is a writer as well.” She waved towards her friend, we’ll call her Riley, and shared that her friend was starting to write blogs. I shared how I was a writer who works in a hotel and writing is always with me. They asked if I had anything published and I shared my short list (I’m proud of my list) and went a step further to share my intentions with my latest manuscript. Riley voiced, “I admire you for being on the publication train, I’m not there yet but one day.” And I shared, yes, it’s a journey but the writing deserves to be shared, it doesn’t deserve to sit in the desk drawer any longer. I was given this talent and I’m here to share the creativity. As I spoke these words I truly felt this notion, I’ve shared this before but it’s worth to share again and again. I whole heartily believe that creativity has chosen me to work with and my job is to write and share. So that day I decided to take Saturday off and to work on what was needed to get one step closer to sharing my work.



I sat in my writing room and wrote the day away which was filled with mini breaks and sitting idle for the creativity to show up and share. For this I am grateful.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .




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