This is what makes me move



Writing prompt #6

The card says: This is what makes me move…(Write for 10 minutes – write as fast as you can to get the words down) – okay, here we go.


This is what makes me move; a few things, but the first one that comes to mind is anger. I get angry when I know I have a great idea that has been shared with me by the universe or my muse, or whoever, however you like to call it. Then a few weeks, months, a year later that very idea shows up on a TV show, movie, book or magazine article. Wait a minute! That was my idea, how did that happen? How dare they write my idea and get it published when I was writing that very story?!


When I was younger I would watch this one TV show and pretend I was in the show and make up other episodes in my head and play them out in my head or have my barbies play out the new idea that I came up with. Then the next season that very idea of the main character who I had a major celebrity crush on came true. I was blown away, I thought that someone was able to read my thoughts and they took away my ideas, was that possible? How could it be? I then stopped having my barbies act out the ideas that came to me, maybe someone was watching me from afar? That was in the late 80’s, how could that even happen? Then when I thought of another TV episode, once again that very idea would show up again, wow, this was getting pretty scary but amazing at the same time. Was it possible that ideas started with one person and then went from person to person until one person sat down and wrote down the idea and then took it a step further and got it published, and produced? Then, when I read the Artist’s way for the first time, anger was a theme I understood, Julie Cameron shared the ideas of use anger to get writing, get to the page and write that idea that was given to us and then share it so no one else could claim the idea and even if they did share their version of the idea, that’s okay, at least I made the effort to sit down and write and then shared. Use the anger as motivation, if not now, when? That’s another motivation that comes with anger, when am I going to get off my ass and write this book? Okay, I’ve written the book, now when am I going to share it with someone? When will I have the guts to send it to a publishing house to hopefully get picked up? When, when, when? Anger jumps in and shouts, now, now, now! I start to send my manuscripts and stories to contests, to submission calls and wait. Then anger settles down and joy fills me up for following through on my vows to creativity. Joy moves me to another space and I’m so grateful to be aware of my process.

The timer has stopped and I surprise myself once again with what comes pouring out in ten minutes. I would love for you to try out this prompt, see what comes out on the page. What moves you?

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .



3 thoughts on “This is what makes me move

  1. What moves me? That’s a great question, Marion. A lot of things motivate me. Anger does. I remember one time I was so frustration with a situation and I drove to a Barnes and Noble near my house. I sat and wrote out a scene where the main character expresses some frustrations with his family. Ultimately, he took his life. It was good to let that out through my writing. (I used that scene in a story I wrote last year.)

    Experience motivates me. I used to think I didn’t have the life experience to be a writer. I believed in the expression “write what you know.” For the most part, I played it safe. Didn’t get into too much trouble. I felt I didn’t have what it took to be a writer because I didn’t allow myself to get “lost,” as it were. Last year, I learned there was more to the phrase. It went beyond my own experiences; it spilled over to stories I heard from friends, family, complete strangers, stuff on the news, etc. I realized there are more stories in me than I imagined.

    Those are the biggest motivators. When it boils down to it, I just love writing. I want to tell stories, no matter how realistic or not they are. It’s that which keeps me going.

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