Secretly, I think it’s possible that…


Writing prompt number 5:

Secretly, I think it’s possible that… ( the card also reads: write for 10 minutes. Push yourself, write like no one is reading) Already, I’m a bit nervous to start the timer, I don’t know what to write about, but that’s the point of this blog challenge, to push myself to the edge and write like no is reading – here we go: The timer has been started:


Secretly, I think it’s possible that I am made for bigger things. I mean I already feel this. I feel like I’ve been chosen by creativity, the universe, whatever you wish to call it to keep it safe and comfortable, but for me, it’s creativity. I feel like I’ve been chosen by creativity to create, to share, to be the vessel of creativity to share what it needs to share with me, you, the world. Does that make sense? Does it sound out of this world? I don’t think so. It is Louis Carroll’s birthday and someone I follow on Instagram shared a quote and asked what great nonsense quote we liked of Mr. Carroll’s – there are so many, which one do I start with? When I started to search for one quote to post on my social media accounts, I’m sitting there scrolling through amazing quote from Alice in Wonderland and this man had this great idea about a girl falling into another universe, another time and place, her imagination, his imagination, that is pretty amazing! I know it’s possible, and I don’t think it’s a secret at all, it’s very clear to me that it is very possible for me to sit my ass down and write the ideas, the stories that creativity is and has been sharing with me. I get so frustrated when I don’t take the time that each idea and story deserves that sometimes my ego tends to hide and “think” if we don’t pay attention to it then it won’t matter. But guess what, it does matter – I have had so many tastes and glimpses of what it feels like to be in the zone, the meditative zone of writing that I can’t just ignore it, I crave to be on the page, to share he stories that have been whispered into my mind – what use is it to waste these ideas, if I don’t write the stories, another version of it will be shared with someone else and they will take the time, give their life to creativity. I say that I vow myself to the words, the imagination and to creativity, but night after night after working a full time job, I sink away into the sofa, once again debating on what to watch on Netflix, it’s a very old behavior that I’ve been dealing with for sometime. I know it’s possible to stop this insane behaviour of thinking it will change one day, well “one-day” is here and I’m about to take the ego and put in the corner and say ‘stay until I’m ready for you’ and that won’t anytime soon.


The timer has stopped and once again I’m filled with excitement as I intently tap away on the keyboard. I hope you can sit down and use this prompt to get your creative mojo jumping onto the page. I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .


2 thoughts on “Secretly, I think it’s possible that…

  1. I love reading your words, Marion. I love reading about how you are meant to be something more. I think the universe senses it as well.

    I’d like to believe I am meant for something more; that my writing has a purpose. The more I write, the clearer it becomes. I just have to keep in tune with it.

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