Truth & Beauty


I am currently reading Truth & Beauty by Ann Patchett, a memoir about a friendship and writing. As I have been reading, I have had some ‘a-ha’ moments. Ann and her friend Lucy have gone through the same thoughts about their writing life as I have and I’m sure as we all have. Every day I am open to the possibilities of my creative life, I trust that the writing will take me where I’m going.

Even before I started reading the book, I have one of Ann’s quotes on my laptop


When I first read this quote I was like YES! This is exactly how I feel. When I was younger I wanted to live in the stories in my head. I’d rather be with the characters I was writing about than anyone else.  I was sometimes better off in my own head than not.


Day after day I could be found scooting along the crown molding, hovering off the stuffed foxes and wolverines, all the time thinking about my characters, a group of lost girls waiting to have their babies at St. Elizabeth’s. I polished up the foxes bright glass eyes with the soft hem of my shirt and thought of Lucy. We were all better off living in the worlds inside our heads. ~ Ann Patchett


When I was working in the Canadian Rockies as a server, I would be putting down over priced entrees in front of people and looking out the window out at the Victoria Glacier thinking of how I could use this in a story. How many people did I serve that I could in my novels that were waiting to be written? Even though on the outside I seemed like I loved every minute of my job, I was more in love with my surroundings, who couldn’t be, it was the Canadian Rockies. I was and very grateful for the job, it got me where I needed to be. Deep down I only wanted to write. Then as time went by, I lost myself into the hotel life and even though I wasn’t writing, creativity was still around, it wouldn’t let me go and I was always coming back to writing. I knew it was the only thing that could ground me. I just needed to show up to the page and everything would be okay.

We both approached writing much the same way we approached going to the gym in those days: with the belief that regular attendance was more than half the battle. ~ Ann Patchett


I now share the notion of just showing up to the page is half the battle – get to the page, write some words and see where those words lead you. Keeping writing, it’s my mantra, my jam, my grounding.

Through this lovely book of Truth & Beauty, I am reminded that I am on the right path. I will keep writing.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .



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