This is how I ground myself


Writing prompt number 4 – my goal of writing two blogs a week is taking over. I’m rushing to the page to write more than three blogs a week so I can be ahead of the game.

The writing prompt: This Is How I Ground Myself: Write for 10 minutes – in the form of your choosing. (I choose my laptop)

Woman cooking in kitchen with ingredients around her

The timer has started, Phish, an American Jam bad is playing on YouTube in the living room as I sit here in my writing room, writing. The music grounds me, music has always grounded me, but not just any music, mostly jazz, blues, alternative rock, easy listening, french cafe music, soothing music to play while I mediate or write. This is one of a few things that grounds me. I love to cook which really grounds me – the research of the recipe, buying the ingredients, anticipating the moments of when I will start to prepare the meal, it all gives me a sense of grounding, like my feet are planted in the earth, much like a tree, I am part of the whole. Then when I start to cook, I am in a meditative state, much like the writing zone, I’m in the cooking zone. I’m preparing and cooking with my heart. I am preparing a meal to nourish our bodies, mind and spirits. My partner and I recently started to cook more plant-based meals and I haven’t been happier – I love chopping and putting together veggie dishes that bring us more energy and time together. Spending time in the kitchen while listening to music really grounds me. Then there is creativity, the writing. That really grounds me, after the idle sitting or puttering around before I sit my butt down in the chair and begin to put words on the page, wow, talk about ground, I’m in the writing zone, time can slip by and I notice no time, I surprise myself that two hours can go by and it feels like only a few moments, or it feels like I’ve been on a long journey and even though hours have passed, I’m craving to be with the writing more and more. Keep writing I hear myself say as I type these words. The cooking is the same, I can’t seem to stop with one dish these days, I’m learning new techniques and want to apply the new knowledge to the dish that I am eagerly waiting to prepare. When I put a red pepper in my hand and hold it like there is a baby bird in my palms – so gentle wondering how I will take care of this vegetable that will give us energy and nourishment. What a blessing. When I took a raw chef coarse, I really grounded myself, I would pick up a knife ready to mince garlic…

The timer has stopped – I honor the time frame, but I also trust the writing and if I finish the thought, there is another thought and what is needed shows up on the page.

…for the raw mariana sauce that we would use in the raw enchilada recipe – I loved chopping, mincing, the rhythmic motion and soft sound of knife to cutting board. It was all very grounding to me.

Until next time, keep on typing…


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