That Day, I Felt So Powerful…


This is writing prompt number three from Danielle Pope’s, Write Now, Writing prompt cards part of a thirty-day challenge. This challenge is part of my 2017 writing goals, to write two blogs a week for the next year.

The writing prompt card says:

That day, I felt so powerful…

Write for 10 minutes. Describe what is happening in this scene.

I have pressed the timer and I have no idea what to write. Does this prompt mean how I personally felt one day, or maybe it’s one of my characters. I am trying to dig deep on my first a-ha moment, maybe the first time I thought I found God, but really it was more like the first step in my spiritual awakening. Or is the day that I first started to meditate, truly sit down and be still with myself? I’m at a loss.


First, I just got home from work and I made a commitment to write this blog either before or after work. Since I took longer in the gym, then the extra five minutes in the shower to get ready for work, so here I am writing after work. I don’t want to come home and sit on the sofa and zone out to re-runs of Friends on Netflix, or even turn on Netflix and find myself three hours later knee-deep in another series. That does not make me feel powerful at all. I feel drained, so what makes me feel powerful is to follow through with my commitments, to be with creativity. I thought of the night that I found out that my ex-boyfriend had cheated on me, again, yes again. I felt so hurt, but the way I handled it was stronger than I thought I could be. I was left on the dance floor heart-broken, after the girl who he had been cheating on me with, told me she was his lover and I was stupid for not even noticing. I was working so much trying to prove myself as a young food and beverage manager, in a world that I fell into, a hotel world that I sometimes think is a very distant dream. The next day after a long night of crying and fighting with my ex-boyfriend, I was ready to vanish. I was ready to leave everything behind. I had enough, I had been made a fool of, not only didn’t I notice his messing around on me, but I also didn’t notice that everyone else did notice and didn’t tell me. I thought my friends were friends and that was clearly not the case. I was done with the resort and hotel life and everyone that whispered behind my back. When I poured my heart out to my friend and manger, the shared something with me that triggered a little spark inside me.


“People don’t know what is actually happening behind closed doors. What you and your boyfriend are going through is your story, no one else’s. Think about what will happen if you leave. Don’t leave just because your heart got broken, stay because you can heal it.” I thought she was crazy, stay and heal my heart? Why would I want to do that?

The timer has stopped. I actually jumped a little when the buzzer went off. I immediately thought, damn, I’m not finished, but that’s okay, I can finish the thoughts later, but for now, this is what I’m sharing with you. Yes, it seems to be a little messy, but life is messy and not to worry, in the end, everything is cleaned up as it needed to be. I’m here to write about it.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .


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