A Thirty Day Writing Challenge ~ My 2017 Blogging Goals

A Thirty Day Writing Challenge ~ One Writing Prompt at a Time


One of my 2017 writing goals is to write two blogs a week. A friend of mine shared her blog writing goals and I was like, ‘that’s so smart, I should do an outline’. Then I slipped into the hotel life and after a few days I completely forgot about the whole idea of my blogging theme outline. It happens slipping in and out of the full-time job that provides what is needed to maintain this creative life that is very much intended and that has chosen me to work through. So, here’s the thing – I needed to organize myself to get to a place of what I wanted to write about, twice a week, and though I love writing about the writing life, I know I need to step it up a notch. Deep down I had the idea all along, from one simple post, one simple idea, but in a very grand way.


Over the holiday’s I saw a great offer from Danielle Pope, a talented woman and writer. I was part of one of her writing workshops with last year through YoUnlimited Danielle created a thirty-day writing challenge and 30 inspirational writing prompt cards to get your creativity juices flowing and words onto the page.


As soon as I received the cards, I opened them up, flipped through them and instantly had a notion, these are the next thirty blogs, hallelujah! Instead of shuffling the cards and seeing which one speaks to me first, I decided to start with the first prompt, I know I’m in my element when… (write for ten minutes – use the form of your choosing). Here we go…

I know I’m in my element when I am sitting here writing. Putting words down the page to say something, even though I don’t have an idea at the moment I know that as I write something will show up. I also in my element when I am outside, walking in nature, sitting in the woods or by the ocean, by a river or lake. The water memorizes me, it instills something magical within me, the water grounds me as do the trees, the thick of any woods that invites me in with its dark mysteries and bright sunlight rays through the branches of the trees that have witnessed so many stories, how many stories have the trees seen, how many stories have been shared with the trees. I know I have shared a few stories to the trees. I have hugged and held onto trees and as I put my lips to the bark with intentions of a soft kiss, I find myself whispering things that I have shoved down deep within. I have stories that I don’t even want to remember, but somehow the stillness of the trees draws the darkness out as the soft rolls of the waves one shore ripe out tears of joy from my body. I find myself revealing the things I want to let go of when I’m with nature, when I am here on the page. I am ready to open my arms and let it all go, and I know that the stories I have within are ready to be put down on the page, the times that I wanted to forget are ready to be shared, to be let go of, to peel away the layers of sadness to get to the happy person I am. I am a happy person and I am aware of the darkness and I am not afraid of the darkness, I embrace it, there are some fun stories that have come from the darkness, like the hotel serial killer story, what fun! Then, there are stories of love, lost love, finding love that I sometimes hide, because I made a bad choice to love someone who didn’t want to be held onto and I desperately wanted to hold onto them. It wasn’t pretty, the things we said to one another, the things we did to one another, I thought only happened in the movies, but somehow I was living in a nightmare that I created. This is my element, being right here and now, on the page, the raw words of my soul that I am here to bare show up here on the page. I love the creative process, I love this moment of being right here and now.


The timer has stopped and my heart is pounding, I’m filled with a new excitement of sharing these thoughts with you. I’m afraid that someone will actually read this blog and will share their thoughts with me, which I would love. If only one person is inspired by my words I am happy. I think I’m going to love this new blog process. The next prompt is The Story I am meant to write is… (I can’t wait to see what shows up).


Thank you for being here with me and as an after thought, I think of how great the universe is If I hadn’t taken Danielle’s workshop I might not have followed her on social media and I may have not seen the post about her writing prompt cards and I might be sitting here wondering what the hell I would be writing about twice a week. The universe certainly knows what is happening, what is best for us, we just need to follow the lead and make a choice and follow through. The universe is listening.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .


2 thoughts on “A Thirty Day Writing Challenge ~ My 2017 Blogging Goals

  1. That’s awesome what you shared. It’s real, raw, unfiltered. If I may, I would like to share something.

    Like you, I’m in my element when I am sitting with my pen and paper, writing whatever comes to me. Sometimes, it’s random stuff about my life. Sometimes, it’s a story that’s itching to be written. It’s hard to ignore.

    Thank you for sharing.

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