I survived NaNoWriMo2016


I was able to write 50065 words of my work in progress by the end of November.  I had that little niggle you get in your throat when you’re about to cry or laugh with joy. I did have a few tears of happiness and frustration, it’s a weird feeling, but it comes with the territory of writing for extended periods of time, well that’s how I felt after 30 days of writing. I kinda felt like I had a writing hangover, or just purely exhausted and numb from spending a lot of time with the one thing that you love and now needing a small break.


What did I do when I hit the 50K mark? I kept writing, and then started to edit, full of inspiration that I was able to write a version of a novel within the month of November. Then, I hit the wall. I not longer wanted to type another word. I even tried to come here and post my success, but I couldn’t bring myself to write one more word. My mind was full and I wanted to zone out, have a nap, go for a walk, do anything but sit in front of my laptop and write. So, I sat on the sofa and watched ‘About last Night’ the original with Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, a classic. Then I thought how I need to continue to support the writers that were still writing, getting to the 50K mark, I knew how it felt to be so close and want to stop for one minute that may turn into hours. So I went back to my novel and started to edit, little by little I was able to get a few more hundred words added to my novel. I knew I wasn’t finished and I am still going to tweak it as I really dive deep into the edit process. That’s what creativity is all about, get the guts down on the page or the canvas and go from there.


The next day and pretty much the whole week when I went to work, all I could think about was my novel. How I wanted to spend more time with it, how could I make it better. Then I was given another little hint of a new idea to write about, another character who has a story to tell. I love the creative process! I had to write down the whispers of my new character, where will their story take us?

I am being disciplined and heading back to my current WIP and focusing on getting it ready to share. I must continue to write, to be with creativity.

Until next time, keep on typing . . . .



2 thoughts on “I survived NaNoWriMo2016

    1. I think I still have a bit of the writing hangover, but I am moving forward with editing my NaNo project which makes me happy and motivated 🙂
      Thank you for sharing and happy writing!


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