Post Vacation


I’m back from my Atlantic Canada adventure. I love flying and I love flying across the country from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. There is something about being on a plane and airport that settles me. I love to people watch, so sitting in the departures area is candy for me. I usually sit with my laptop or note-book to let creativity take over and eavesdropping on other people’s conversations feeds my imagination. Why are they going to Nova Scotia? Are they also on vacation? Are they on business? Did they just married, have a baby or returning from a tragedy? You just never know and that’s the beauty of the imagination. Fill in the blanks, make your own story and see where it takes you.


Growing up in Halifax and traveling around the Atlantic Canada region and returning as a visitor after many years really has given me a deeper love for my birth place. The Atlantic runs through my veins and I appreciate my heritage, I actually am in love with my legacy, the deep roots of family and community are part of me. I use to wonder why I craved to be around family and friends so much and when I am will my family and closets friends I understand why. They love me and support me as I adore and support them. It’s very much a genuine love for one another, much like my relationship with creativity and my imagination.


I connected with family and friends during this visit and the energy was exactly what I needed, what creativity and imagination needed. A small break from one another, a small break to say, okay I love you but I need to spend time with these people to fill up the creative well again. I was feeling depleted and I’m happy that I took a mini break from myself, from the high standards that I put on myself that I thought I “needed” to be writing every minute of the day.

My dad & I in Mahone Bay, NS

Traveling to friends and families homes was a welcome change. To witness the fall colors of Nova Scotia filled my imagination and creative well, it also healed my well-being. I wasn’t taking the best care of myself a few weeks before my vacation; working more than nine hours a day, constantly thinking about work, checking emails on my days off, get groceries, clean the house, and yes all these things are needed to maintain our lives, but something had to give to focus on the writing, not check my work email on my day off because “I think” I don’t have anything else to do, oh but I do. I need to be writing and actually writing, not surfing the web, pretending to research for my writing project, whose kidding who? I’m totally going to watch Netflix while trying to research writing contests to submit too. Scream Queens wins. Writing contests wait patiently for me to come back and submit.

I did run around a lot during my vacation but it was a good running around and I enjoyed my time with my family and friends. I enjoyed the silence in the car as I drove down back roads and watched the trees go by like I use to when I was a kid, I enjoyed sleeping in and just doing what felt good.


Now, here I am back on the page letting creativity take over and watching the imagination flurry around with writing prompts to get me started again, to get me back on the page. I might have just needed a break from writing for a that brief period of time. It’s good to reflect and take time for you. I’m glad I took the time to stand  back and take it all in to be able to get back and share.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .



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