Vacation Time!


When you go on vacation do you take most of your writing material with you? Do you worry that you might forget one reference book that you vow to flip through while on the plane or your destination of relaxation? Anytime I go away now, the first bag that is packed it my writing bag. I make sure I have a hard copy of my work in progress, a reference book, most likely a Julia Cameron book, a few pens, a journal, flash drive, sticky notes and that bag stays open until I am ready to head out the door. The last item that goes in my writing bag is my laptop and even then it comes out of the bag while I am waiting to board the plane and again when the plane takes off. I am not very far from a piece of paper or laptop to work on my craft. I am not too far for creativity to find me at any given moment.


I have expressed how grateful I am for my hotel job and I am going to be completely honest here, I am very grateful that I am going on vacation. To step away from the day job to head on an adventure is all part of the job. Sometimes you need to get away to recharge and get the appreciation back in sync. These past few weeks I have been off my game with my writing. A little more day job and a little less creativity. I am very aware that I need to spend more time with my imagination and creativity. They haven’t gone anywhere, they are always right here with me, waiting patiently for me. For this, I am very grateful.


Creativity isn’t something vague that we are going to do. It is something real that we actually do do It is the refusal to sell ourselves short by short-changing out artists with empty talk. ~ Julia Cameron


This particular vacation is back to Nova Scotia, where I was born, where I am from, is about visiting family and relaxing and most importantly to write. To hunker down and work on the second memoir. A goal that I set over ten years ago and time has slipped by quickly. My frustration of my own actions fills me at times and I am very aware that I am the only one who can change. This vacation is about recharging and finding my balance again. Finding where my 40 plus hours a job and creativity can be in sync. I won’t lie, there are times, more than I like to count, that my day job consumes me more than I like, more than creativity cares for. I can feel it, I can feel creativity and imagination crying out ‘what are you doing!’ Maybe a little of my fear peeks around the corner and temporarily paralyzes me.


Often, when we are afraid to try to make what we really want to make, we will say. “I can’t make that.” The truth is, we could, but we are frightened to try: Not trying, we do not really know whether we could or couldn’t make or heart’s desire. ~ Julia Cameron.

girl writes a letter

The thing is, is that I am trying, I am trying every damn day! I get up and write morning pages every morning and as I set my intentions to write after work, I break that intention. I end up staying later at work, come home, make dinner, then putter around the house, watch an episode of Netflix’s, Luke Cage. I know what I am doing and I choose to keep doing it. I am trying to not to procrastinate my creativity away, there is something in the way and it’s time to kick it to the curb. I am a write, read my ROAR!

I guess I went off a little track, I was focused on the theme of vacation which sparked the fuel of the matter at hand. Creativity, imagination, writing. Hope you are doing well.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .




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