Artists & Love


I have a friend at work who is going through a break up. I won’t get into the details, but know that her tears are raw and run deep. Like our worst break-up we think it’s the last time we’ll ever love again, last time we put ourselves out there, the last time we’ll ever be happy. Those raw emotions stir something inside us and we have to let it out somehow. We have to put it on the page to let go of the pain, the sorrow, the death of the person who we have lost and celebrate the person we still are.


As artists, we explore the territory of the human heart, braving the dark woods to report to our human tribe that a trail can be found, and we will survive. As artists, we are scouts of consciousness, trailblazers for community and culture. From Sam Shepard to Samuel Beckett, the artist may encounter and encapsulate he loneliness of missed connections. Te heart of darkness is, all too often, the human heart. As artists, we must muster self-respect and compassion for the difficulty of our own calling.~ Julia Cameron.


I am in love with my creative life and there are times that I also have to muster up the strength to get to the page. I have to manifest this moment, to be right here on the page. To type these to words, find something that plucks at my heart-strings to make me sing. I have lost love many times and understand what my friend is going through, however, I also know that in this moment the pain to the ego mind is unbearable and we want to scream out to the universe – How dare you let me fall in love! How dare you let me get hurt like this! Well, it wasn’t anyone who made you do this, it was you who let yourself let your guard down to let someone in,to love you, only you, the real you. Now that is something to celebrate. That is a story to be told.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .



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