Does your imagination linger down another path?


When I was younger, okay and still today, I would imagine myself into the latest TV show that captured my imagination, or the movie I just saw, or maybe I was the inspiration of the love song that seemed to be on the radio over and over again. Let my imagination run wild! Sometimes my creativity and imagination would (and still does) go to the negative side of the story, more like the damsel in distress type of story, like St’ Elmo’s Fire, Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink – oh the distressed late 80’s teenage angst theme was our candy. Imagination is not all roses and lollipops, sometimes it takes me down a dark path that I am not afraid of strolling down and smelling the roses along the way.


The more active – and even more negative – your imagination is, the more it is a sign of creative energy. Think of yourself as a racehorse – all that agitated animation as you prance from paddock to track bodes well for your ability to actually run. – Worry is the imagination’s negative stepsister. Instead of making things, we make trouble. Culturally we are trained to worry. We are trained to prepare for any negative possibility ~ Julia Cameron


I might have some negativity lingering around in my imagination but I am aware of of it. As I shared before I am not fearful of the unknown or where creativity or imaginative will take me, because I am grateful that creativity has chosen me to work through and imagination has a story to tell and I’m going to tell the story, I’m going to share the dirty little secrets of what is lurking around. What fun! I love the creative process!

Until Next Time, Keep on Typing. . . .



2 thoughts on “Does your imagination linger down another path?

  1. Great post, Marion. I have those moments where my thoughts turn to the dark side. It didn’t occur to me that it is a sign of creative intelligence. It makes sense, though. Embracing the darkness within our minds allows us to explore those moments and craft something “beautiful.”

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