Getting away to connect


It’s Saturday morning and my friend, Jacqui Neilson, Western Romance writer, and I drove the Malahat highway to venture to our friends, Jodie Esch, Young Adult writer, who lives in Cobble Hill – a 45 minute drive from the city and now we are surrounded by lush forest that has been just drenched by the overnight rain. As I looked out the large living room window, a layer of fog is lifting that gives us more space as we settle into the writing. We are here on a mission: Jacqui is assisting Jodie with her latest writing project, Jodie is ready to launch another book. My mission is to really dive in deep into my next writing project, a new memoir about my time working in hotel and resorts, the early years.


Our friend greeted us with a lovely breakfast and now my friends have locked themselves into an office to get started on getting Jodie’s book ready for publication. I’m sitting in the living room in front of a large window with books and papers spread out waiting for me to dive in, I mean deep down and only to surface for a few moments of breath. Creativity is calling out to me and I’m ready.


I am so very blessed to have these opportunities of writing retreats, to connect with friends, and the words. I hope you are taking some time to write today, remember even if you write for ten minutes today, that’s ten more minutes than you would have if you didn’t write.

Until next time, keep on typing . . . .



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