Nerves and Excitement


I’m at a stand still. I sent my manuscript off to a publishing house last Wednesday and it was the very exciting and nerve wreaking at the same time. It’s a good thing to be nervous, it shows you that you are wanting to continue with working on your skills. I spent last Saturday and Sunday formatting my manuscript to send off on Tuesday. I was really with my work and didn’t want to leave it, the story was calling out to me, I didn’t want to waste one more minute on puttering around and avoiding what needed to be done. I had to let go of my work, send it out into the world and now I wait to see what happens. I trust the universe will help me and what happens will happen.


The one good thing about letting go of this piece, it gives me room to work on the next project, and I have a list of stories waiting to be written, edited, and to share with the world. Nervousness also brings forth the ego and my awareness of the ego and the old behaviors of “who do you think you are? So you wrote something, it took forever and it’s going to take longer to get published…” Yish! Talk about doubting Debbie. I think being aware of the ego is a good thing and I’m finding a balance of good nervousness and having the image of success and telling the doubt to move along.


Naomi Epel shares a bit of advise on acting successful. Confidence is important to becoming a successful writer, but a lot of us have a hard time finding it. How do we overcome the struggles of finding success? Pretend. Like one of your stories, have fun with your imagination.


Pretend you are successful. Act like you are an accomplished author or are well on your way to becoming one. Sit up tall. Relax your face. By adjusting your posture you improve your circulation and invigorate your mind. As you write, imagine friends and strangers enjoying your work. You might even write a stellar review of your work and pull it out whenever your confident wanes.

To become a great writer you need to act like a great writer. That doesn’t mean being temperamental or demanding. It means treating yourself with respect and understanding that you are constantly learning and that solving problems is part of the task. Give yourself time to work. Give yourself time o want int he woods and reflect. As a successful writer, you need these things and must find ways to live like the artist you wish to become. ~ Naomi Epel

Live like the artist you wish to become. I love this notion, let’s all practice this everyday this week and see what shifts. I will return to give you an update on my progress, I’d love to hear from you, what does your successful writers life look like?

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

glasses with type

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