Are you Listening?


Each of us needs a little guidance from time to time and when I sit still I hear my higher self, muse, guardian angel, whatever you may want to call it, speak to me. It’s like a soft whisper that glides into my body and sings a sweet melody that I’ve always been humming.

music notes

Guidance comes to use most clearly in solitude. It is called “the still, small voice” because we must quiet our minds and our lives enough to hear it. The poet Rumi importuned us, “No more words. Hear only the voice within.” Guidance comes to use in many forms, some of them so fleeting that we merely catch the thought like a wisp of movement out of the corner of our eye. It’s a little like bird watching. ~ Julia Cameron


We need to listen to this voice, this higher self, it know what we need, we know what we need but sometimes we can’t hear the voice because of the every day noise of life. My morning pages are filled with intentions of writing every day and every day I do write. Morning pages to start the day, I set the tone of my day, an intention of a creative day, this is my promise to myself, to my muse.  I have to increase these times of stillness, to make sure that I am really listening to the voice, to the song of my life.

little girl

Increasing and regularizing our times of solitude and quiet increases our ability to receive guidance. One way to think of it is that we are creating a sort of spiritual clearing. In other words, we clear space in our lives in order to center and clear space in our hearts. There are many times when the guidance we will receive will shock us. It sometimes suggests a subtle adjustment in our life as it is currently constructed, but it may also suggest a major realignment in a totally unexpected direction. ~ Julia Cameron


Even before I wrote morning pages I knew deep down what needed to be done to get where I was going. I left a relationship that no longer served me and a job that limited me from my creativity.  Now, my morning pages make some serious suggestions on what adjustments are needed in my life to get to the next level. I follow some of those ideas and suggestions that came from within and I trust this voice because this was my muse guiding me, she is always leading me ~ As I create and listen, I am being led.

What does your still voice tell you? How do you hear your inner self? Do you hear a soft tune, what is the theme? Soft jazz or modern rock?

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .




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