Having Fun


Do you ever imagine yourself in a movie? Change your name, color of hair, eyes, job, the car you drive? It’s like playing make believe and I love to let my imagination have fun. Julia Cameron calls this make believe person our Cinema Self.


Our Cinema Self is really an expression of our vein of gold – a mock-up version  of a larger, grander self that is straining to be born. All of us have a self that we live with as our normal, everyday self. That self is probably bigger than it used to be and smaller than we wish it would be. In other words, there are many days when we wish we could be larger than we currently are. ~ Julia Camera

facts of life

When I was younger, I would put myself into almost every TV show that I watched. I was the new girlfriend for Ricky, from Silver Spoons (maybe one of my first major TV crushes). I was the troubled teen to be saved on the next episode of The Fact’s Of Life. I was the girl who broke up Kelly and Zack because Zack wanted his cake and eat it too. My imagination was on the run and I let it. The possibility to write my way into and life was and is right at my finger tips.

It’s all relative, we say. On the days when we feel relatively large, we take risks to expand our lives. On the days when we feel relatively small, we retreat to the safety of a smaller version of ourselves. Like Walter Mitty, from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, we daydream about what our lives would be like only we were able to live as our larger, more cinematic selves. ~ Julia Cameron

Julia gives us a little help to bring out our cinematic selves:

  • What kind of car does Cinema Self drive? Perhaps several? Is it a classic Mercedes convertible sedan, a vintage Volkswagen bug, a ’65 Chevy truck?
  • What is Cinema Self’s “signature” article of clothing? A bomber jacket? Carole Lombard pajamas?
  • Where does Cinema Self live? Town? Country? Both?
  • What three adjectives are usually used to describe Cinema Self? Charismatic, childlike, adventuresome?
  • Who plays Cinema Self in the movie One star or several for different ages? Yourself or an established cinema presence?

Have fun everyone!

Until next time, keeping on typing. . . .



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