Gratitude for Discipline


It takes time to write and it takes discipline.

A simple definition of discipline : a way of behaving that shows a willingness to obey rules or orders.


Writing is not about a list of rules to obey, there’s not magic list from A to Z or 1 to 100 that if you follow you will be a good writer.  The simple truth about writing is that you have to sit down and write. It may take some time to settle in and onto the page, but once you start, you’ve started and creativity takes over and the words magically start to come together.

Image of opened magic book with magic lights
Image of opened magic book with magic lights

I’m not saying it’s this easy each time you come to the page. There are times when I preach to myself that I will work on the writing every day, past my morning pages, I will come home from work and do some writing, I must, I can not not write. My intention is full of discipline, it’s the follow through that my ego has a hold of from time to time, but here I am, after dinner as intended today, here on the page. Discipline is learning.

pen magic

A discipline is a learning, and a discipline is a learner, on who follows a teaching. Spirit somehow presides through breath. Spirare, the Latin root, mean to breathe. A spiritual discipline is a discipline of the breathing centers, which are life-centers. If we say that poetry is a spiritual discipline, we may as well say that poetry is a commitment to the Living Air: a faithfulness to breath, to speech, to Logos, In the Beginning was the, to….As a discipline, it requires an unflinching attention and a faithful care. ~ M.C. Richards, Centering


As a writer I follow my Muse, my creativity, I am shown the story and it’s up to me to follow through. It takes discipline to take the steps to show up and finish the story, to share it, to publish it. My Muse is in it for the long haul, she is not just dancing around to see what I may or may not write. She knows I’m going to write and she waits patiently, but sometimes she can be impatient and I feel this, the anxiety, the sense of urgency to write. I’ve stepped away from my own regulations and don’t see it until it’s too late.  Discipline requires an unflinching attention and a faithful care. I couldn’t agree more.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .




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