A Writing Life


We all have our own writing life. When I wake up I am dashing desperately to the page, to my morning pages that I swear by. Julia Cameron has to know she has saved many of artists by recommending morning pages; write three long hand pages as soon as you wake up, no filter, just write what ever is on your mind, you’d be surprised at the things you think about as soon as you wake up. This process may take twenty minutes maybe up to forty minutes at times, I might write the same thing over and over again until what is needed to be said is written down.


I love writing morning pages and more so in the summer time, but equally in the fall/winter. During the summer when the sun is up or close to rising; my mind, body and spirit is able to wake up a little easier with the early morning sunlight.

dark morning

The winter when it can still be pitch dark, everyone and everything else is very much in their deep slumber and I groggily shuffle to my writing room, eyes squinted, de-shuffled hair, I still get my pen to the page to say how not awake I am, then the winter mornings become less dark with each word.


When I am having a day off from my full time job at the hotel, I am able to continue the writing day. I move from my morning pages to my work in progress or do some research for my next blog post. I’m settling into the creativity, it has been patiently waiting for me, more so then I have been with myself, every day I’m not writing, the more my patience wears thing towards the broken promises I’ve said out loud ‘ I’ll write after work.’ then at six o’clock in the afternoon I get home and I am not thinking about my work in progress, it sits on my desk one more night waiting fr me, it knows I will be back, I don’t know how quickly and that frustrates me. This is my truth.


Then there is a moment where I have a talk with myself and I take fifteen minutes to sit down and write. I tell myself ‘you know you’ll feel better when you write something, anything, get to it!’ Once I get going I don’t want to stop, this is when I’m at most joyous moment, right here on the page.

Once the creativity takes over and I step away, the magic of my writing life comes alive with each word. I am content, this is why I cam here, to write.


When it’s time for bed, I still have whispers of ‘you should be writing.’ Sometimes I get up and head to the laptop and sometimes I say ‘I know, tomorrow.’ this is when resistance wins, but I am aware and that is half the battle of beating resistance. I’ll be back tomorrow because I’d rather be here than mopping around trying to settle in yet again. Practice, practice, practice, this is my writing life.

Until next time. . . .


One thought on “A Writing Life

  1. I know everyone’s writing life is unique. For me, I have to decide when and where I am going to write. And that’s after I decide I am going to write. Some days are better than others. I may write a journal entry or a scene of a story. It usually depends on what I am in the mood for. Afterwards, I don’t think about what I wrote until the following day. That usually is reserved for my stories than my journal. But I like to read what I wrote the day before.

    That’s my day in a nutshell.

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