Portrait of woman writing letter at desk

Writing is a solitary job, you spend a lot of time with yourself and the blank page. Steven Presfield shares this could be a fear for some people and maybe why they don’t start writing, they might not be comfortable by themselves. People like to be with others, a sense of connection, a sense of support, but here’s the thing, you’re never alone. I’m sure we all like spending time with my friends family, but we are taking ourselves away from the work we know must be doing. The more time I spend away from the page, the more time it takes to get back to it. There is a balance and every day I get a little better.

muse 1

Once you sit down to the page, even before you sit down to write, the Muse is always with you, sitting with you every word of the way. As I continue with reading Steven Pressfields, The War of Art, I am inspired by his section on isolation:

Here’s the trick: We’re never alone. As soon as we step outside the campfire glow, our Muse lights on our shoulder like a butterfly. The act of courage calls forth infallibly that deeper part of ourselves that supports and sustains us. It is a commonplace among artists and children at play that they’re not aware of time or solitude while they’re chasing their vision. The hours fly. The sculptress and the treeclimbing tyke both look up blinking when Mom calls, “Suppertime!”

Woman climbing Magnolia tree

I’ve always been okay on my own, and like Steven shares, we are never really alone – I have my stories to keep me company, the characters talk to me like any other conversation I would have with my friends and family. It’s like sitting around the kitchen table catching up on the latest news. I’m okay being here on the page with my Muse sitting next to me sipping on tea and watching the creativity flow onto the page.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .




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