Getaway to write!


I have to say that I am one grateful person. I have been blessed with opportunities to maintain this lovely creative life.


Last week I was headed to a mini writing retreat with some amazing women at a pretty spectacular place. Shawingan lake, BC. I have hosted a few other retreats at this beautiful home and each visit has sparked something new within me, my imagination, the creativity, my creativity. One word: Grateful.

grateful (1)

The first night of our retreat we had ordered dinner from this very local Chinese Restaurant and shared a variety of dishes and a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. A great way to start any writing retreat.  After dinner we sat around the living room sharing what our intentions were for the weekend. Our hearts and spirit was all on the same page, we were there to write. I was there to let the words flow and to relax, it wasn’t hard to let go of responsibilities of my work life once I started to talk about the story. I was ready to jump into my writing life. We were all ready to leap onto the page and let the words fall where they may. I was filled with excitement and eagerness.

big magic

While we shared our projects we also shared a wonderful dessert made by Jodie, homemade butter tarts and white wine. A winning combination! The first night I went to sleep with thoughts and ideas of my new characters and when I woke my characters were still talking to me. I couldn’t get the words down fast enough.


I woke early o Saturday morning to go for a 7km run,then when I returned the rest of the house was up preparing breakfast and planning for their morning. I made coffee and headed to the dock to soak in the morning sun. The other ladies joined me on their own time and then they went for a walk along the train tracks while I didn’t move from the dock and continued to write. My characters had a hold of me. The only reason I stopped writing was to use the washroom. Even then I honestly didn’t want to move from the page.


Lunch time was pot luck and we created a lovely picnic on the dock as we continued to share how our writing was progressing. My story seemed to be getting attention, the plot was interesting to the ladies and they were giving me ideas on how to fill in some of the blanks I expressed I needed a little help with. Once again: Grateful.

By mid afternoon, my mind was a buzz and my body filed with pure joy. I was ready to go for a walk and so were the ladies. We headed to the general store for Popsicle’s and ice-cream, writing works up an appetite. Once again we headed to the dock, but this time I was ready to jump into the lake,  I needed to cool off, summer was showing itself.


By six o’clock we were in the kitchen preparing dinner. I made a batch of my spaghetti sauce and I wanted to get it simmering and prepare for dinner on the patio. When friends get together, we just know what to do and we kinda just do it and help one another out, our writing retreats become like a family gathering, it’s very inspiring and once again the word grateful appears.

                                                 The ladies and I

After dinner and long discussions of our writing, we needed to walk again, but not far. I put on my bathing suit again and jumped back into the lake, what a great way to spend an evening.


Sunday morning I woke up with my characters whispering more secrets to their lives. A few more hints to the story. As the rest of the house started to prepare to leave, I felt a sense of loss, I didn’t want to leave the magic of lake, the solitude of writing, the creativity. I’m not happy to admit this, but it’s true, I was a child pouting not to leave. I didn’t know how I was going to maintain this writing high, I needed more time, I witnessed my ego training to scramble for one more word to get onto the page. But guess what? I needed a break, I needed to step back and take a look at what I had written, piece a few more details together, it was all part of the process.

This retreat, much like each retreat I have been on in the past year has inspired me to keep writing, to keep showing up to the page, to never give up. No one else is going to write the books for me, well  they might if I don’t get to the page fast enough. So, here I am writing; grateful.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .




3 thoughts on “Getaway to write!

    1. It takes time to organize but when you set the intention it will unfold as it should, naturally and effortless. Try going to a cafe in a different part of town – even these little mini retreats from your regular routine can spark the creativity. Happy writing!

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      1. There are a couple of cafes that I want to try. At some point, I’ll get around to them. Sometimes, it’s hard. And I would like to find a writing group near where I live. The only one I know of, they meet at my old college near Atlanta. It’s not conducive to make the trek when you have kids. I’m still searching, though.

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