Monday Writing


How many times will I write about how I am very aware of my procrastination? How many times will I realize once I sit down and just start writing that I am right where  am supposed to be? How many times will I let two days go by without writing more than my morning pages and feel like I’ve lost something? I don’t know. All I know is that I’m sitting here typing these words and a great sense of calmness fills me. I am peace.

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One way for me to get grounded is to do a little research, to fall into other people’s words and have a moment where I sigh out “yes, this is what I want to be doing.” One book I like to flip through is Dan Wakefield’s, Creating from the Spirit, I just love that title because we are creating from spirit, our very own spirit. Doesn’t that excite you? It excites me. It actually tickles me pink and I giggle to myself how much fun it is to write, to put words down, to create a story that someone will read and may or may not enjoy. Either way I am writing.


I’m reading Dan’s chapter on Creative Myths:

Myth Number 9: Creative people don’t have good relationships                                       This is often a cop-out used by creative people themselves. I know because I’ve used it myself as an excuse for my own poor record of broken relationships, and even conned myself into believing it for a while. It’s similar to saying, “I’m creative, so I have to drink a lot.” You may not maintain relationships, and you may drink, but the same is true of many people whose work has nothing to do with the arts or creativity. Throwing in creativity as an excuse for other unsatisfactory behaviour is simply a way of avoiding – for yourself as well as the world – the real issue.

According to this myth, all of one’s emotion goes into creative work, so nothing is left over. Hemingway even believed that this applied to sex – that creative energy was the same stuff, or came from the same source, as sexual energy. He thought that when he was really working hard on his writing, any sexual activity would drain his creative energy.                                                                                                           Creativity never necessarily needs to take anything away from you. Odds are, it will only expand your experience.

I would say that this myth is still hovering around for some people. A lot of my non-writing friends don’t understand when I stay home on a sunny day to write. Though I question myself at times when I’m at my desk and the sun is shining, enticing me, but so are the words and I choose my passion to see what the words turn into. The story is my passion, my obsession. Most of my friends say that I’m dedicated and I’m the friend who writes.


My relationships with friends and family are very important. We have a dance that works for us and we just know and that’s special to me. Everyone needs to work on their relationships, this is how we break the myth.

Until next time, keep on typing. . .



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