Every Sunday I meet with my friend Jacqui and I write together. We meet at 10 in the morning at Serious Coffee on Cook Street and write until around noon. I share this with you because it’s important. We are committed to taking this time each week because sharing, writing and friendship is important. We will meet and chat for about ten or fifteen minutes and then get our coffee’s post a little something on social media to share we are meeting and then we just start writing or it maybe that we are working on our blogs, newsletters, query letters, edits, but our purpose is to focus on the writing, the creativity.


It’s important to have some structure to your writing life. I know I need it, I need the discipline. I prefer to write by myself as writing is a solitary job, but I look forward to Sunday’s, to connect with my friend, to learn about her writing process, her struggles with getting to the page, but once she’s there, much like the rest of us, she’s there, right on the page, pouring words onto the page.

good_intentions_by_travis_clarke-d6sw7fe                                                          By: Travis Clarke

My intentions each Sunday are to work on a blog and maybe two blogs. I was inspired by the April blog challenge and I have this urge to share more and more. The creativity has taken over and is calling out to me, and I too want to work with creativity. It’s Sunday, May 29th and I’m sitting at a table in the cafe with Jacqui, she’s working on her next book and I’m writing this blog.

It’s our job as writers to sit down and write the stories that want to be told. I’m here to write about the struggles and joys of writing, I’m here to share with you. Now, sit down and write.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

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One thought on “Sundays

  1. That is awesome you meet up with your friend and have a set time to meet and write. I get tagged on posts on Twitter that ask how my writing goes. Most of the time, I say that it doesn’t go well. I may write in my One Day app when I don’t have my notebook, which I keep saying I will get. I’m working on being more consistent with my writing. It’s not easy.


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