Writing is for everyone


Writing is our lives, we have been given a talent the gift of telling stories, be it our own or other worlds that have been shared with us, our imaginations take over and we come up with Harry Potter.

Writing is for everyone, like eating and sleeping. Buddha said sleep is the greatest pleasure. We don’t often think of sleep like that. It seems so ordinary. But those who have sleepless nights know the deep satisfaction of sleep. The same is true of writing. We think of it as no big deal, we who are lucky to be literate. ~ Natalie Goldberg


Writing is healing for me, I let go of the past onto the page. I let go of all the anger, frustrations, bullshit that I’ve encountered over the years, you know, the good stuff that makes for a good story. I’m learning that I am becoming more of a memoirist, but I also love to write alternate worlds where I get to tell my ex-boyfriend how I really feel. I get to tell the guest where they can take their snotty attitude and their four thousand dollar Louis Vuitton bag, buggars! Seriously, four thousand dollars on a bag?! That’s two months rent for me. I feel better already. Writing, heals me.

Writing is not just for someone who wants to write the great American novel. Some people know at an early age they want to write; for some it is obvious to everyone else – usually they are mad for reading – but it takes a long time for the understanding to bleed through them. 


I love that image, bleeding onto the page. That’s pretty much what happens, one word at a time, one painful memory lingering onto the page, but it does gets easier with every word, and sometimes it’s hard as hell. That’s part of the joy of writing. Balance. Every day we great a fresh start. A fresh page.

Until next time, keep on typing. . . .

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4 thoughts on “Writing is for everyone

  1. Writing means a lot to me. Like you, I’m able to work out frustrations and express emotions. Whenever I create stories, I let go a part of myself that may or may not have been pleasant. And it seems the more I write, the more I discover some things about myself.

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  2. Emery

    ‘Every day we great a fresh start. A fresh page….’
    You are spot on about the healing power of writing, Marionann. Here in the UK, there is a course called creative writing for therapeutic purposes (CWTP), which explores the healing, expressive power of creative writing and how such an approach can enrich your own writing, as well as be adapted to helping others in a variety of health and social care settings. It takes place in the beautiful city of Bristol. If you get a chance, take a look at http://www.metanoia.ac.uk/msccwtp
    And thanks so much for your wise words.

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