I’d Rather Be Writing



I recently spent some time with a friend who I haven’t seen or talked with for over three years. It’s a friendship where we both know we love one another, we are there for one another, and when we see one another it’s just like yesterday, no time lost. It’s an uncomplicated friendship and that’s exactly what we both need.

paris cafe

During our catch up conversations I was reminded that it’s important to take my artist out on play dates. I shared with my friend that 99.9% when I’m at my full-time job that I’d rather be writing. I shared my gratitude for my job as it provides me with what is needed to maintain this creative life. I’m aware that I have a job to do at both my full-time job and my writing life. Writing is my life, and it’s more of a way of life. But writing isn’t as easy as it may seem, there is work involved, but it’s the kind of work that I love. However, sometimes I find myself doing laundry to avoid sitting down to write, I always shake my head when this happens, then I put my mediation into practice and ask, who is aware? Then I seem to be in front of the page and writing.


Writers are a peculiar breed. We scheme and plot and lie in order to carve out a section of day – dirty dishes soak in the sink, laundry accumulates in smelly heaps, we don’t answer the telephone, having already told our family and friends we will not be home all morning – we do this for the purpose of writing . . . and then we sit, cracking our knuckles, splitting our ends, eating stale bread and drinking enough coffee to keep and entire freshman class studying the night before finals. In short, we do everything but the thing we want to do most. ~ Marcia Golub

Once we get to the page and start writing, the act of writing becomes easier and the creativity takes over and tells that part of our mind that wants to sort laundry to buggar off for a minute and all of a sudden we are writing, because writing doesn’t get done unless you sit down and do it.  The story won’t write itself, you have to sit down and write.  When I start doing something to avoid the one thing I want to be doing I remember, I’d Rather be Writing. Then I go and sit down and write.

Until next time, keep on writing….


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