I Survived!

survivor-atoz [2016] v2

I survived the A to Z Challenge, blogging through the month of April, one letter at a time. It was a lot of fun for me. I have shared it myself and writing friends that I would like to write more on a daily basis to maintain my craft, to keep the words flowing and really the only way to do that is to simply write. Sit down and write. It sounds easy enough but as writers we know what comes with this easy sounding goal. Some days we are ready and are writing at full tilt. Then there are those days we look for anything to do but write. My bathroom never looked so clean for at least a month when I was distracted to editing my manuscript.


The A to Z challenge also reminded me  how much I enjoy doing research for certain writing projects, and despite those moments of ego distractions (cleaning the bathroom), I was more in the here and now when I just sat down and put fingers to the keyboard and wrote. The creativity showed up each and every time, what a satisfying notion of completing something I started. That is the goal, to finish a piece of work and share it with you.


Once I was finished the last blog post, I wondered what writing adventure I would enter next. During my morning pages, I have written that I want to share more, so I have made a commitment to myself to write at least two blogs a week. It might be something very random, mostly about writing, but maybe it will be sharing a favorite recipe and why, or poems that I have written, or even some of my works in progress. For now, I’ve picked up Natalie Goldberg’s, Writing Down the Bones and will share some of her insights on writing, I’ve worked through some small road bumps with Natalie (well, while reading her book, though it’s nice to think about hanging out her with and just chatting about writing).

If you underwent the A to Z challenge, how did you do? What did you learn? Any A-ha moments? Those times where you knew everything was clicking for the better good and you felt right where you were to be. Doesn’t that feel great? One of these days one of us is going to bottle that feeling and share it with other writers. For now, I know if I’m writing I’m on the right path, there is a divine plan of goodness for me and my work; and for you and your work.

Until next time, keep on typing . . . .

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3 thoughts on “I Survived!

  1. I went through the A to Z Challenge. This was my second year participating. I got more out of it this year because I planned it ahead of time. I brainstormed topics a few months in advance and wrote out posts a month later. Looking at the posts now, I think they could have used more polishing, but I was going for stream of consciousness, if that makes sense. Plus, I wanted to spend some time visiting other blogs and see what they were doing. I found some interesting ones. Some from WordPress that I have decided to follow and other blogs where I have either bookmarked or signed up for their newsletter so that I’ll know when new posts are up.

    So, the question is now what? Seeing how I did my posts ahead of time, I used April to think about what I want to write next. I wrote a couple of short stories this month in which I want to post on my blog, soon as I can figure out how. They’re rather lengthy. But I think it may be time to start writing that novel I promised myself years ago. I agonized over ideas for novels, coming up empty-handed. One day, it struck me. An idea that I played around with long ago. I saw itself unfold and I saw myself planning it out, creating characters, crafting a Pinterest board. So now, it’s a matter of starting to write it. I’m afraid to start, though. I know it sounds silly, but I’ve never tried a project this big before. And there are so many unknowns. I guess the only way to know is to sit and write.


    1. Thank you Lissa for recapping my post – the A to Z challenge was great and 4 days after the challenge has ended, I’ve written 2 new blog posts and well on the way of working on a new idea. Looking forward to next year’s challenge!


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