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When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? I don’t mean a business letter, but a long handed letter, where the pen glides along the paper, emotions pouring onto the page trying to tell a story. I have an idea of putting together a book filled with love letter and calling it ‘The art of a love letter’ or ‘The art of the love letter has died.’ I know it sounds depressing but it’s true, no one I know sits down and writes their partner a love letter just because, and if you do, I applaud you. I write little love notes to my partner and recently I went into his wallet (because he was driving and he needed the Visa for the ferry fare) and what did I find, one of the love notes I recently left for him. Let me tell you, I smiled with great pleasure. He smiled and I know what that means, he loves me and he loves my quirky little love notes.

love letter

I also write letters to myself from time to time, especially when I am writing my morning pages. I’m pouring onto the page to please keep writing and I do. I use to write a lot more letters when I was younger, before email, instant messaging, Facebook and every other social media form. But it’s important to keep writing letters, there is something about putting pen to paper. Or am I the only who still thinks letter writing is worth the time?

When I forget about letter writing I pick up the Observation Deck by Naomi Epel and reread the ‘Write a letter’ reminder.

If you are stuck in your work, write a letter describing your current dilemma. Outline what you are trying to accomplish and name the obstacles in your way. As you write about this thing you want to do, you may very well find it taking shape right there on the paper. Writing a letter helps relieve unnecessary pressure. You don’t have to create perfect prose, you are simply playing. And out of your attempt to understand and communicate, new ideas and the words to express them will emerge. ~Naomi Epel


I tend to express myself much better on the page than in person, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing down first what I wanted to say to someone. This little trait came in handy recently. I’ve been reconnected to a good a friend and I found myself feeling nervous about what to talk about when we decided to talk on the phone. I started to Β write him a letter and once I was able to put down on the page what I was stuck on it became easier to express myself when we did talk.

Is there someone from your past that you would like to write today? A friend? A teacher? A former spouse? Express things you were never able to tell this person. Share some of the insights you’ve gained since your last communication. You need not mail this letter – simply voice your thoughts and feelings on paper. You may come to understand an unresolved issue that has blocked your progress or haunted once of your characters. ~ Naomi Epel

Until next time, keep on typing…

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6 thoughts on “Write a letter

    1. I’m happy to know there are more letter writers out there – I love writing long hand – I write three pages every morning to start my day, helps to put the mind junk onto the page first thing πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!


  1. I agree that writing letters has become a lost art, but I don’t think it’s a waste of time. I think letter-writing is a way to focus on what it is we want to say. For example, I put off writing a letter to my dad because I was afraid of how he would respond. I didn’t have the kind of love I needed from him, and I need to express that. Lately, I’ve been reminded that I need to do so, pour out everything, not hold back. I’m debating mailing it because i don’t know where he’s staying. But I think the act of writing this letter out will be more beneficial to me and be a big step in my healing.

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  2. I love writing letters, but yes, it does seem to be a lost art! This is part of why I joined Postcrossing: you get to send and receive cards from all over the world, and sometimes receive unique sentiments. (Sometimes, however, you just get a note that reads “Happy Postcrossing!”)

    I would love to get more people writing letters, so I’m trying to figure out how to encourage them to write to me. I have a P.O. Box for this purpose, and have said that if you write me a letter or postcard and include a return address, I’ll write back. In case you would like to send a letter, here it is:

    Laura Roberts
    P.O. Box 1799
    Alpine, CA 91903

    Happy letter writing, and A to Z-ing! πŸ™‚

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