U is for U-turns


I have touched on this topic briefly and I believe it’s an important area. I have witnessed myself talk U-turns in the past and want to help anyone push through those moments of self-doubt.

Recovering from artist’s block, like recovering from any major illness or injury, requires a commitment to health. At some point, we must make an active choice to relinquish the joys and privileges accord to the emotional invalid. A productive artist is quite often a happy person. This can be very threatening as a self-concept to those who are used to getting their needs met by being unhappy. “I’d love to, but you see . . . I have these crippling fears . . .” can get us a lot of attention. We get more sympathy as crippled artists than as functional ones. Many recovering artists become so threatened that they make U-Turns and sabotage themselves. ~ Julia Cameron


Does this sound familiar? I worked at one of the most beautiful places in the Canadian Rockies in Lake Louise and had so much inspiration and I wanted to write, I craved to write, the creativity wanted me to write. I would sit down and write a handful of poems and start a short story, get some good feedback from friends, then something inside of me had a fear that was stronger than the creativity at the time and bam! I was distracted by a guy, long hours at work, one more beer while playing darts rather than sitting my butt down and writing. Self-sabotage. I was taking a U-Turn.

An artistic U-turn arrives on a sudden wave of indifference. We greet our newly minted product or our delightful process with “Aw, what does it matter anyhow? It’s just a start. Everybody else is so much further ahead. . . .” ~ Julia Cameron

letting go

I have walked into book stores and have a moment of self-doubt and witness my ego think, “Oh gawd there are so may other writers who have actually published something and have their book in a book store, what the hell are you thinking?” Wow! The ego sure can steer you in the wrong direction if you’re not watching.

To recover from a creative U-turn, or a pattern involving many creative U-turns, we must first admit that it exists. Yes, I did react negatively to fear and pain. Yes, I do need help….Once we admit the need for help, the help arrives. The ego always wants to claim self-sufficiency. It would rather pose as a creative loner than ask for help. Ask anyway. ~ Julia Cameron

Ask anyway. Please ask for help and keep move forward. If you experience a creative U-turn drop me a line and we’ll work through the together. I have to treat my ego like a spoiled brat and give it a time out and keep on writing.

Until next time, keep typing….

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4 thoughts on “U is for U-turns

  1. Making creative u-turns is certainly familiar to me. I gave up on writing too quickly when things would get difficult and my creative well dried up. I felt I didn’t have what it took to keep writing. So I gave up, but then come back to it. But because I wasn’t serious in pursuing writing, it would be a vicious cycle. I am trying to break that cycle now.


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